unusual reformatting problem?

  Tropezon 18:37 29 Apr 2007

The OS is Win98SE and after getting beyond the prompt and reading the normal info regarding disk format and bad clusters etc, I have come to a dead stop with the following sentence.
"Trying to recover allocation unit" followed by figures, at the moment 880,181 and this increases by 12 digits an hour.
Has anyone come across this, and is there any way to speed it up given that the only control I have is the ON/OFF button.

  skidzy 18:48 29 Apr 2007

Sounds like the drive is on its way out.If the sectors are not being repaired try formatting the drive in another computer via a usb caddy or as a slave.

Not sure this will help much as the drive is the problem,however this is the install procedure i use when installing 98/98se click here

  SANTOS7 18:52 29 Apr 2007

The error would suggest it is looking for BAD sectors which means that there are probably thousands of them which basically translates as a dying HDD, if you have anything on it you need i would backit up to a removable media and look at buying anew HDD...

  Jack Hackett 18:52 29 Apr 2007

Got to agree with skidzy, the hard drive sounds like it's on the way out. Damaged data areas etc etc

Run a HDD diagnostics tool on the drive for ultimate confirmation. These are free to download from the drive maker's website.

  Tropezon 19:00 29 Apr 2007

Thanks to you gents that have responded. I've been plagued with problems with this kit for quite a while, having trouble with drivers, not getting a modem to be recognised and so on. Last time this was done it went through so quickly that I'm convinced some of the O/S was left out so I will bin it. There's nothing worth keeping.
Thanks very much.

  woodchip 19:57 29 Apr 2007

Best way with this is get all your stuff of the Hard Drive onto CD or DVD then Clear the Drive with a Boot Rescue Floppy, then Format C:\ drive with command at C:\> like


then reload Windows. Windows will do a quick Scandisk to check Drive Integrity then press X to start Setup. This if you have the 98se CD in the comp. As above the Drive could be on the way out, You can check it by downloading Software from Drive vendors Web Site Like Seatools for a Seagate drive, this will also check Generic drives click here

Download the DOS tool and Double Click the File, You need a Floppy in the Drive to create the Seatools Disc to boot from

  Tropezon 18:44 30 Apr 2007

Woodchip.....Thanks for the advice which I will work through before binning the drive.
Scan disc has been working away since mid-day which I thought I would do anyway and this was before your advice which I have only just received,I only get on line in the evenings.
Scandisc should be finished by 10pm and will post again after doing the rest of the project.Thanks again.

  Tropezon 18:33 01 May 2007

After a thorough scan which took 10 hours and getting stuck again after the prompt with the sentence," trying to recover allocation unit", the time has come to move on which I intend to do.
Thanks to you 4 gents for your advice, the info and links will be useful in the future.
This will be the final post on this subject.

Thanks again. Harry K.

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