Unusual ram question

  User-1252743 21:06 24 Mar 2008

I have an old dell dimension 4550 desktop. The crucial scan says that my computer can take 512mb RAM in each of the two slots, totalling 1GB. It can be either PC2700 or 3200. For different reasons, I decided to put in two 1GB modules, giving me 2GB total. Both were PC3200 and all other specs were the same. To my amazement, the computer turned on fine and windows (xp) seemed to recognize that 2GB was installed. I asked dell whether exceeding the limit (of only installing 1GB) can do any harm and they said no. I asked if I can check whether my computer is really using the 2GB and they said they had no idea. I already have 1GB installed (two 512 modules), so it's only worth upgrading, if it's actually going to use the 2GB. Is there some sort of test I can run to check how much it is using?

if it's showing in system properties it's fine i suppose, my asus mobo says it only supports 1 gb modules but it has 2 gb sticks running fine. check ram under hardware click here

  User-1252743 22:05 24 Mar 2008

It definitely shows that it has 2GB, the question is whether it is using it? Like in vista, most people say it only uses 3GB, even though it might show there is 4GB installed. That is what I want to check - how much it is using.

Look at the performance tab in task manager

  User-1252743 22:15 24 Mar 2008

Currently with my 1GB installed, it says under physical memory (K)
Total - 1047556
Is that the number i'm looking for?

Yeah. See how much is being used too. If it uses more than 1GB when you have 2GB installed then it is obviously using all of it

  wee eddie 11:55 25 Mar 2008

Is it faster or not? If not, then the extra's a waste of money.

  sunny staines 14:50 25 Mar 2008

download "IOBIT Advanced Windows "Care either ver2 or ver3 beta one of the tools smart ram monitors your ram usage and frees up ram when needed.

open several programs and see how much ram they use up. its a handy tool.
program is free]

  DieSse 17:06 25 Mar 2008

All the Dell specs and manuals say max 512MB per module.

The place where Windows itself tells you what it thinks is there (and is therefore using), is - Settings - Control Panel - System.

However, anything over 1GB is really overkill for XP unless you have some special need for it.

Worst scenario is that it seems to work, but actually gives problems in use.

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