Unusual problem with a P4 Tower

  wobblymike 09:28 10 Mar 2005

I need some help please. I have bought a P4 tower with lit up fans and all sorts of other posh stuff. On the front is a LCD display which shows time, cpu temperature etc. When I first switched it on everything worked great except the LCD display did not light up. My instinct was to remove the side panel and investigate however it had warranty stickers on it so I contacted the company I bought it off - they told me that the LCD display did not work with the type of MOBO supplied and that I would need to upgrade. I thought this rather odd, I could see the clock in the display and found their assertion about the mobo peculiar because all that was not working was the illumination. On removing the side panel I found a molex connector lying in the botom of the tower when I connected it the LCD display, it lit up. I noted that there was a 2nd cable from the display that was wired into the mobo,and a probe lying loose which I suspect is CPU temp. 2 days later the illumination failed, I did usual checks, changed molex connectors etc to no avail, the LCD displays are still working properly just no lights. The company have said told you so it doesn't work with this mobo but I can't get that down. Does anyone have a view and secondly assuming that that it is simply a bulb failure, do these displays use wired in LEDs or something else and how practical is it to fix it - any help gratefully received because I think I'm getting the brush off from the company.

  PsiFox 12:22 10 Mar 2005

Need more details on system in order to identify parts please.


  Storik 15:42 10 Mar 2005

This all very strange. To me it's rather like buying a car and the windscreen wipers don't work on a particular motor.

I'm afraid I'd contact the company and ask them to put matters right. Why put a motherboard into a particular case if the two are incompatible?

Perhaps I'm a bit pedantic, but I'm afraid they'd get the flipping thing back.


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