Unusual problem

  Kaacee 20:02 28 Apr 2006

I have just relocated my computer "innards" to a newer tower case, or at least my mate has, everything kicks in and operates fine with the exception of the following.
1. Floppy drive green light remains permanently on but drive does not work.
2. Power LED light does not illuminate.
3. Power off button does not work, when i want to shut down PC i have to switch it off (after it goes through the shutdown procedure)at the main power switch.

My question is it possible that the power LED and on/off switch has been crossed with the floppy drive.??

My mate is away now until next tuesday so cant ask his advice.

Sorry if i am not explaining myself very clearly
but not up on computer matters.

  Skills 20:06 28 Apr 2006

The floopy drive cable is on the wrong way round. It needs to be remove at the drive end rotated 180 and the put back on.

Chances are the cables for the power switch have been attached to the wrong location you're best off to look in the manual for your motherboard and find the correct positions for them. If you dont have the manual find the motherboard model number and then google for the info.

  remind 20:08 28 Apr 2006

Floppy; flip the ribbon cable over and reconnect
Power light is probably on the wrong pins on the motherboard - get the manual for the board and find out what pins relate to Power LED.
Same with the power button.

Floppy connectors only go to the drive, won't have been mixed up.

Find out mobo manufacturer with Everest - use links to manufacturers site; click here

  Kaacee 11:22 29 Apr 2006

Thanks for your help..problem now resolved..it never ceases to amaze me that guys/girls like you can come up with the answer to what is to the experienced eye probably a very simple solution but to the likes of me not quite so simple. By following your suggestions i have not only resolved the problem but now feel confident enough to actually enter the inner workings of a computer and actually do something for myself.

Again many thanks to you and all the other folk prepared to offer advice and help to the novices of the computer world.

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