Unusual Intermittent Power Problem

  Ladaman 15:58 03 May 2004

Hi all,

as the title suggests i have a problem with my PC randomly deciding to turn itself off.

Firstly the signal to the monitor goes (as if the monitor is in Stand by mode)at this point the PC is still on but after 5 or so seconds the power turns off.

I know it is not the processor overheating because i have monitored the temperature before and after the event.

It doesn't seem to be related any particular application and it is not due to lose cabling or a problem.

Any one got any ideas? I think it may be a problem with the power unit....? Apart from that i am a bit lost

  johnnyrocker 16:26 03 May 2004



  Ladaman 16:34 03 May 2004

Running Win ME.

The PC is about 2 years old but this problem has started within the last two weeks.

  johnnyrocker 16:37 03 May 2004

any error messages? try re seating the graphics card, any beeping noises and does pc boot up again or is manual restart req?.


  Ladaman 16:44 03 May 2004

I have not actually opened the case to have a look yet..

There is no beeping.. no warning or error.

The PC power just turns off.. it doesn't restart. However it allows you to restart it manually immediatly

  Ladaman 16:52 03 May 2004

O and when it restarts Scandisk comes up saying abnormal shutdown detected....

  woodchip 16:53 03 May 2004

You need to check you power settings in control panel and BIOS. A little battery in control panel, it sound like it going into standby or remote power down from bios

  johnnyrocker 16:55 03 May 2004

what anti spyware have you on board?


  Ladaman 16:56 03 May 2004

Already checked.... Auto Standby/hibernate etc is all set to "Never" and always has been...

  Ladaman 16:57 03 May 2004

I use Adaware and also have Norton Systemworks

  Stowit 16:58 03 May 2004

How powerfull's your PSU? Just a thought, thats not playing up is it? A friend told me of some similar weird problem when the PSU was underpowered, & the pc shut down. Mine just blew the PSU!

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