unused medion xp home edtion

  peterh1 09:24 30 Sep 2008

ive just put my medion xp home edition back on line and had service pk 2 and 3 updates sent via auto down loads. i never used this comp much having bought a laptop 2 days after buying the desktop out paper now i find its slow and i have no sound and it keeps freezeing i tryed driver detective and got to the paying for the service part and never proceded to buy its service could you tell me if i would be better doin a total restore from the disk i got with it or looking for medion updates i have my s/n 111090600010557 and my model number is pc mt6 type med mt162 thats all what is wrote on the little sticker at back could you please advise me on updateing and what spec i have or how to find out thans a lot fellas

  birdface 09:34 30 Sep 2008

click here worked for me and free..Maybe a defrag.or if an old computer make sure the air vents are not clogged up with dust or fluff.if so inside will also need cleaning.

  birdface 09:37 30 Sep 2008

Find out all about your computer.click here Under privacy it should also give you the Microsoft keycode .

  birdface 10:10 30 Sep 2008

SP3 caused a few problems to others when installed.What security programs have you got including the firewall and have you tried running them.Forget my first post as computer has hardly been used.Maybe try Winaso Optimizer [free] it will only repair 10 items at a time]Or C Cleaner to get rid of any junk.click here click here

  canarieslover 18:54 30 Sep 2008

If you do a restore to factory settings you will find that it takes you back prior to sp2 and you will have to install that and sp3 all over again. Better to do all the checks for viruses and spyware before resorting to restore. What firewall and AV were you running when you went back on line? Did you update them immediately before doing anything else?

  peterh1 19:55 30 Sep 2008

I have got Mcaffe security that came with my sky internet pack i did up date it all first it took a good few hours to sort out to tell the truth because my wireless network went down i do my up dates every time i turn my comp or laptop on no matter if i down loaded them before i turned off just to be safe.im probly the most security mad fella on the web with all the up date checking i do HA thanks for the advice and i will do has you say once again thanks

  peterh1 08:20 02 Oct 2008

thanks for your help and ive sorted it, it's go in to the binmen and im gonna get a new one less hassle thanks a million bye

  birdface 09:56 02 Oct 2008

Why not do a reformat or repair.Throwing it out seems a bit drastic as you have seldom used it.

  peterh1 22:20 02 Oct 2008

how do i do that mate is it a restore

  birdface 10:47 03 Oct 2008

Oops Sorry I just noticed you have a restore disc from Medion.Not 100% sure but that should restore it to the factory setting.Never having had a Medion I am not sure if you would loose any programs that you already have on your computer.Also just noticed that you are using a wireless connection,Maybe that is where your problem lies.Apart from McAfee what other security programs do you have on your computer including the Firewall is that from McAfee as well.

  birdface 11:41 03 Oct 2008

Sp3 has been giving a few folk problems.Maybe delete it from add remove and see if the computer works any faster.best way to download it is to turn of all your security programs and then install it.Just in case you have to install it again if you do a restore.

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