Unuseable Serial Bus - crashes PC

  Knot2sure 16:46 26 Mar 2004

I have recently purchased a fuji A310 digital camera, but when i connected it to my PC, running XP Pro, through the USB port, it crashes.
It goes through the detection and recognises the camera, as well as thinking its a USB mass storage device and a disk drive.

Its when it detects it as a disk drive that it crashes, no warning, just switches off and reboots. I tried connecting a USB storage device and the same problem occours leading me to belive a USB driver problem. Is there anyone out there who has had this problem or knows how to fix it?

Thanx in advance

  sicknote 16:55 26 Mar 2004

More info needed ???? what board,chipstet,etc !!!!!!

  Knot2sure 17:22 26 Mar 2004

sorry, forgot about that!!

system is an AMD 1600+ 512 DDR RAMm a gigabyte GA-7DX motherboard, nVidia GeForce 2 mx 400 128Mb graphics card, LG CD/DVD drive, CD writer. thats all i got off the top of my head, if there is n e thing i missed out feel free to shout at me!

  stuntmaster 18:30 26 Mar 2004

now its my turn ;-)

lol, um well a crashing usb....
mabye its conflicting with another device, as i have a graphics card, modem,usb,ide,soundcard in irq 11. this leads me to all sorts of problems. so mabye its the same for you???? also is ur usb 1.0/1.1? or is it 2.0? mabye its tryin to load device into 2.0 mode and its conflicting.

best way is to looka t all your devices in the device manager and not down anything peculiar, and its resorces.


  Knot2sure 20:14 26 Mar 2004

My USB mouse works fine on the port, and there is nothing untoward in the device manager. It only seems to crash when the computer detects a 'disk drive'. i have connected to other computers with no problem, plus the camera is not recognised as a disk drive.

I have re installed the drivers with no improvement. It is a USB 1.0 port, not sure what else to try!

  jim1947 20:29 26 Mar 2004

If you have a Soundblaster Live or Audigy, disable Disk Detector, as this prevents a USB Flashdirve from being detected

  sicknote 22:43 26 Mar 2004

I see it has a VIA chipset so have had a look here for help which has driver for all known issues click here

  shizzy 22:57 26 Mar 2004

Try Microsoft patch No Q322205 Worked for my camera

  Knot2sure 19:03 27 Mar 2004

OK, to try to put an end to this crazyness i went out an got a USB 2 PCI card, still having the sam problem, as well as XP being very tempramental over the drivers. I removed all traces of USB hubs and tried to install the VIA ones suggested but XP always reverts back to its original generic ones, it says the install is complete and reboots, but nothing changes in device manager and the instal itself takes a split second. Also it wont detect the new USB 2.0 port as USB 2.0, just lists it as a standard USB hub.

Anyone got any ideas?


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