unsure of the problem, video or sound

  the old man 10:53 25 Jun 2006

Have been able to play TW2006 since I bought it last year but in the last couple of days it has been causing me problems.
Over the last few weeks I have upgraded to Terratec Audeon soundcard, Nvidia 6600 graphics, added 1GB of memory to have 1.5GB of RAM and a new 160gb HDD.
The problems I am now having are flickering of graphics in the distance, the sound "sticking" like a record and the game locking up after 10 minutes or so. I initially thought it was the new NVIDIA drivers which are now available but reverted back to the 16th March version and problem still there. I am sure this is the first time I have played the game since upgradeing. I have reduced hardware acceleration on sound and graphics cards but no good.

  the old man 16:54 25 Jun 2006


  Joe R 16:58 25 Jun 2006

the old man,

it is possible the new ram may be causing the problem. Can you try the system with just the original 512Mb.?

Also, I take it you are running XP.?

  the old man 17:12 25 Jun 2006

Game was bit sluggish with the 512 of Ram and runs well when problems aren't showing. Correct in assumption as well that I am using XP. Started with sound problem as if the record had stuck. Program locked with stuttering sound. Restarted computer and it was fine for 10-15 minutes then same thing happened. Turned down the hardware acceleration but no good. Thought it could have been overheating but checked that and all looks ok as far as temps are concerned. Been a bit baffling. general use is fine, no problem playing files on BBC site and suchlike. Will have to try and kick ass in Far Cry to see if problem occurs when playing that, god forbid.

  Joe R 17:14 25 Jun 2006

the old man,

It may be that you have the settings too high in far cry. The 6600 will run this game but only at lower settings, and this would probably give the faults you have described.

  the old man 18:08 25 Jun 2006

The problems are with TW2006 and computer should be eating it for breakfast. Am going to try Far Cry now as have been away watching footie.

  the old man 18:34 25 Jun 2006

Well just been on Far Cry and not a remote resemblence of a problem. Thought the computer may have fallen over playing that.
Suppose I will have to just keep doing trial and error checks untill something happens.
Thanks for help so far Joe R.
As first problem was to do with sound, made me convinced it was to do with new soundcard.

  aca 18:53 25 Jun 2006

I think that it might still be related to soundcard and maybe a conflict. Why dont you uninstall the sound card drivers(and card) and see if the problem happens in the game.(appreciate you wont get sound but worth a try)

This might help to isolate the problem.

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