'Unsupportable' Error Message

  Murielson 1 13:23 07 Oct 2008

Not certain if I have titled this correctly but my problem appears to be with my computer producing an unsupportable output to my monitor (LCD TV with PC function).

What actually happens if every now and then my system locks up and screen freezes or greys out. It then seems to either:

a. Comes back on gradually with icons etc appearing and the notice that there was an error and do I want to send error message.

b. My current problem were the display shows 'unsupport' (which I assume is unsupportable) and I can now get nothing on the display at all. Basically I am binned out unless I can get a monitor that can deal with the output.

Is this a graphics card problem maybe? How can i run maintenance/diagnostics to check what is going on if I use another monitor to get me back in?

Thanks in advance for any assistance with this problem and feel free to ask for clarification as it may require some further explanation.

System is an Advent T9107 as detailed here: click here={75befb1a-b89b-4c8c-8a5e-a42be8c40e3f}&CatID={0e0c8b91-d40f-47a5-8b42-d96c1780251a}

  Technotiger 13:42 07 Oct 2008

Your link did not work for me.

I also use a LCD DTV/PC Monitor - how is yours connected to PC?

  Murielson 1 14:32 07 Oct 2008

Thanks for the reply. Connected via standard VGA cable from computer to back/underside of TV IIRC, not hundred percent certain TBH.

Google hits suggest it could be a resolution issue with using LCD TV as monitor so I will explore that a bit further too.

Additional info is that I can get into BIOS etc and screen only freezes after Windows Xp loading symbol has done its stuff. Assume it is Windows based error in that case.

Link re-pasted below so hope it works now.

click here={75befb1a-b89b-4c8c-8a5e-a42be8c40e3f}&CatID={0e0c8b91-d40f-47a5-8b42-d96c1780251a}

  Technotiger 15:29 07 Oct 2008

I think you may have it connected incorrectly. What is the make and model of your LCD TV/Monitor?

Link did not work again.

  Technotiger 15:31 07 Oct 2008

Also - resolution should be set as per the LCD TV/Monitor's - in my case it is 1680x1050 (22" Widescreen).

  Murielson 1 17:11 07 Oct 2008

Thanks for the additional responses. Currently at work so will get additional info at home if I can get another monitor on.

Fed up with link not working but it was just to the computer on the PC World support pages for info.

  Murielson 1 12:45 08 Oct 2008

Managed to get in, restart in Safe Mode and reset resolution.

LCD TV is 19" Acoustic Solutions, possibly ASTV-3619WS, and I am interested in anyway I can 'lock' the set up to mirror monitor set up. Is this possible with LCD TV or is this just if you have a monitor with a driver CD, software etc

  Technotiger 13:40 08 Oct 2008

Is your display ok now then?

Mirroring the monitor set-up is usually done from within your graphics card software - at least that is how mine is (Nvidia 6600), as far as I am aware it cannot be done from the TV side of things.

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