Unsubscribing from SERVICE PALS

  nagonlouse 23:43 07 Apr 2007

A couple of years ago I subscribed to Service Pals and their Monthly and Weekly newsletters. As I have not had a reply to any requests from old regimental mates from the 1950s, I suppose we are a bit old now, I have repeatedly tried to unsubscribe from the said newsletters. I unsubscribed from Service Pals when their request for the annual fee came and I thought that was the end of it but the newsletters keep coming. I do it the way they say but to no avail. Any help please.

  bluto1 00:03 08 Apr 2007

Let me know when you succeed. My reason for wanting out is because they got my Service History totally wrong and repeated requests to cancel have been ignored. They seem to have forgotten, when they set up the site, that people might want to unsubscribe.

  MAJ 00:16 08 Apr 2007

I assume you're not paying any subscription and the newsletters are arriving via email? If so then why don't you just set up a message rule, in your email client, to delete the newsletters from the server when they arrive?

  nagonlouse 09:50 08 Apr 2007

MAJ Thanks for the input and I will do as you suggest only I am not sure how to do it. Could you be so kind as to explain how it is done. I`m with Yahoo at the moment. Perhaps bluto1 could do the same. TIA.

  MAJ 10:01 08 Apr 2007

Which email client are you using to collect your mail, nagonlouse, Outlook Express, Outlook? or are you just using the Yahoo webmail interface?

  nagonlouse 10:56 08 Apr 2007

MAJ. I`ve just got the Yahoo for Email at the moment so I suppose it`s the WI.

  MAJ 11:04 08 Apr 2007

Go to Yahoo Mail, sign in, then click on 'Options'. On the 'Mail Options' page, click on 'Block Addresses', then enter the address you want to block and click the 'Add Block' button.

Alternatively, you could go to the 'Filters' page (also from the Mail Options page) and filter those newsletters into your trash folder.

  nagonlouse 11:23 08 Apr 2007

Hello MAJ, Thanks for that It has worked a treat. learned something else.

blutol follow MAJs advice and block em?.

  MAJ 11:29 08 Apr 2007

Happy to help, nagonlouse.

  johndrew 11:30 08 Apr 2007

I agree this site is awkward.

I also registered but with no contacts decided to withdraw and cancel the e-mails. Having changed the requirement in my personal details - in common with others - the e-mails kept coming. Even having e-mailed the site with a request they kept coming so I set up a rule to delete them on receipt; at least I no longer see them!!!

I wonder how many others suffer from this self imposed spam?!!

  MAJ 11:38 08 Apr 2007

There's three of you guys not happy with the contacts, why don't you chat to each other, lol. I'm sure you all have stories to share.

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