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  sheila.weston 17:27 21 Apr 2005

Can someone tell me how I can unsubscribe from the newsletter.

There is a sentence telling me to 'click here', but it is not hyperlinked or highlighted, so nothing happens!

Many thanks.


  JaßîsFaß ˜ 18:34 21 Apr 2005

Have you tried to go to the 'Update your details' link at the top of the page and then uncheck the newsletter tick box?

  ade.h 21:21 21 Apr 2005

JaßîsFaß ˜ - That doesn't work, it seems!

I tried that a long time ago, repeatedly, and they keep on coming. An email to the Forum Ed didn't have the desired effect either.

Just mark 'em as spam, Sheila, and let them fall into the virtual rubbish bin.

  SANTOS7 21:39 21 Apr 2005

At the bottom of each newsletter there is a link to unsubscribe, click on that..

  sheila.weston 10:00 25 Apr 2005

No, Santos7, there isn't. All it says it 'to unsubscribe, click here' but there isn't a hyperlink.

I have just found the 'update your details' page and removed the tick against the email option - will report back. Thanks for the suggestion,JaßîsFaß.

  JaßîsFaß ˜ 19:36 25 Apr 2005

shed some light. I have had the e-mail newsletter option ticked since I first registered but do not receive them at all. So Sheila this may or may not work.

  TomG 19:51 25 Apr 2005

are you receiving the newsletter via webmail (opening the mail in a browser) or maybe hotmail?

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