"unsticking" a laminator

  palinka 12:15 16 Jan 2011

I know laminators are cheap, butI don't really want to buy another if I can solve this problem: I was laminating a small notice (approx12cm x5cm)so I'd cut a pouch - as I've often done - but this time I think the 2 sides were not absolutely aligned and some of the "glue" has leaked. Result, it's wrapped round a roller and won't come out ; I've tried tweezers etc without success.
It still works , after a fashion - eg a complete A4 sheet emerged with only the centre strip laminated, the sides had presumably not been in contact with....whatever.
Tried taking the laminator apart but couldn't do it even though I'd taken out all the screws.
It's a WH Smiths A4 laminator.
Anyone with experience of this, please?

  woodchip 17:27 16 Jan 2011

Only way is as I did you have to dismantle it. Take care on how parts fit as you remove them on a clean working area. When Laminating small items you should use a Carrier Even a A4 folded in half will do

  jack O'lantern 17:34 16 Jan 2011

To screws have 'snap together' shells
A thin bladed screw driver inserted into the joint and a gentle twist here and there usually does the trick.
Then you have to decide how to remove the glue - which is by now 'burned on' I would imagine

  palinka 10:38 21 Jan 2011

thank you both; I'll have a go this weekend.
re a "carrier" - do I put what I'm laminating inside a folded A4 or simply on top of it?

  woodchip 13:53 21 Jan 2011

Inside it

  uk-wizard 14:09 21 Jan 2011

Normally you get a carrier sheet when you buy a pack of pouches, it's a fairly thin card silicone treated and folded so that the pouch sits inside. To get your glue out you will have to peel it off the rollers, a dismantling job, or you may be able to get most of it out the machine by running some rough thin card through it several times.

  palinka 09:19 02 Mar 2011

thanks, everyone, for those useful suggestions. Sorry I haven't been back to respond - been without Internet for 5 weeks! Have now changed ISP (for more details see my posting in Consumerwatch).
I didn't try again with dismantling, having not got very far wih that process before, but thanks to your suggestions I got the laminator working again: the rough card helped (I could see some glue on it as it emerged) and I kept on with that; using brute force with the rough card also helped - shoving it sideways for instance.And then reaching in with the blade of a penknife and then with longish thin tweazers.
It's now in use again , and I've made a sort of carrier to prevent recurrence(never seen the kind of thing that uk-wizard described).

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