Unstable wireless PDA connection after configuring

  QinesiQ 11:40 06 Dec 2006


I wonder if anyone can help.

Until last night I had a no-fuss sable secure wireless connection between my PC and my iPAQ 2790 via my Linksys WAG54GS. However, I attempted to add my laptop to the network via a Linksys PC card wireless adapter. I changed no settings on my PDA or router (except to simply add the MAC address of the PC card to the permit-only tab on the router’s set-up page). I configured the card but was unable to access the internet and promptly gave up for the evening. When I tried to wirelessly access the internet via my iPAQ – nothing – it is was unable to connect. I repeatedly checked the settings but I could not find anything changed. As a last attempt I deleted my network from my PDA and re-set it up as I have done before (e.g. after a ROM update). I find that:

The iPAQ keeps trying to connect itself but cannot.
There have been several very brief successful connections but then it becomes disconnected again.
It’s unavailable or available but cannot connect or connected and then disconnects!
All updates are up-to-date

The only thing I can think to do now it to factory reset the router and set-up the PDA connection from scratch – unless anyone has any ideas what has gone wrong.

I have performed a soft reset – twice and rebooted both PC and router
The little monkey is showing connected again!
And now its not!

Also it seemed that when I had the laptop PC card adapter “connected” my web browsing on my PC became extremely slow. I also completely lost the connection to the Linksys router set up page twice (which is why I had to abandon troubleshooting the PC card setup).

Any help would be greatly appreciated (WRT the PDA woes).

  Aargh 14:48 06 Dec 2006

When you say you've changed nothing other than enter your mac address, do I assume you are using some form of mac filter?

If so, have you managed to filter out the mac address for the PDA and deny access?

I would revert your network to no security, and remove all filtering rules: then it should be a simple case of adding the network settings into each device as you add them.

Only then build up security. You shouldn't need to enter mac addresses manually for basic connectivity. Set the router up to assign ip addresses automatically and only then try to change things.

It could be the PC adapter failing, but this should not affect other devices.

As for slower speeds - the more devices you add, the slower the speed for all on the network, because the internet connection is shared between the devices connected.

  QinesiQ 15:24 06 Dec 2006

Thank you for your quick response.

I did try removing all security settings and I also checked that the PDA's MAC was still entered.

I have now solved the problem via factory resetting the router! It took me less than 5 mins to re-set, re-establish my pc connection and then my wireless connection. Turned back on my security and it’s all happy again. I thought this preferable to banging my head against a wall.

I still am bemused as to what went wrong. Odd how it would connect but then loose it.

As for the speed - I could understand the slower speed *if* the card had actually connected to the internet. It only established communication with the router but completely failed to establish an internet connection. But this could be due to the age of the laptop and compatibility issues. I'm upgrading in the sales so I hope I have better luck!

Lesson learned - I won’t mess with it again!

Thank you again for assisting and I will tick resolved.

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