Unstable Game performance....

  Howling Mad Murdock 17:37 29 May 2003

The games i've been playing of late have been:

Champ Manager 4
Army Operations

Have all been performing inconsistantly. Sometimes, for no reason, my computer just restarts when these games are running, sometimes it just happens, other times it hasn't. That a problem i've faced in all those 3 games. In Champ Manager 4, somtimes, and for no reason, my whole system freezes for a minute and then is back, but with a stutter if you will, which is only cured by restarting the computer.

I've got all the updates for Win XP, and these games use to work perfectly fine before, i have no idea whats casuing it.

Hope someone can help me.

My specs are:

Amd XP 2.1 GHZ
GFIII TI 500 GFX Card 64MB
WinXP Home.

  Despicable Desperado 23:31 29 May 2003

If they worked fine in XP before the updates I think you have answered your question!!

i wouldnt rule out the updates as despicable suggests but check your cooling and how clean your system is inside, also consider stepping up a level on the power supply front ,the psu you have now may be struggling to cope

  ordep 07:03 30 May 2003

Hi Howling Mad Murdock

Not played any of the games your having probs with but would suggest,

Checking on the latest patches from the games website. Also your card manufacturer.

If that does not work, use system restore to the point were everything was working ok.

Could have been a corrupt d/l on something.

Hope that helps, if not try click here

  Howling Mad Murdock 14:57 30 May 2003

There was a Microsoft Secuity update which has been known to slow down system performance, i have removed this now.

But i still have problems.

When i'm playing Army Ops online after a few mins of play my system totally freezes.

I've ran my computer thorugh PC Pitstop and nothing wrong has came up, also error scanned and defraged my two hard drives, no change.

All games have their vary latest updates.

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