Unstable dvd drive

  pinnicat 19:20 18 Dec 2003

h i gang. I have a Compaq Prassrio 6000 running xp.Although still under ayear old i am having trouble with my dvd player, in that discs either play with sound and no vision..or vice versa. or simply play fine for five minutes then freeze visually.
help appreciated.all i ahve heard is run restore but there is no seperate driver disc, in fact 4 in total for the whole system.

  Diodorus Siculus 22:35 18 Dec 2003

Have you had a look at MaximusDVD? It is free from MaximusDVD.com and may solve your problem.

  kspatto 23:17 18 Dec 2003

if you are trying to play avi or other video files you will need the correct codec to play them(see click here)if you are playing normal dvds and having problems you may need to download a new driver for your dvd player, to do this you will have to find out what make it is and download the latest driver from the manufacturer(most sites will tell you how to download and instal the latest drivers)you may be able to find the make of your dvd from right clicking on the dvd drive and selecting properties

  pinnicat 19:33 20 Dec 2003

thanks for the help...the properties link cured it.for some reason all my dvd driver settings had decided to reset and left the whole thing braindead..(ironically)..simplest is often best.
thanks again..merry christmas y'all.xxxxx

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