unstable broadband

  Les53 20:56 15 May 2008

i am deperately trying to sort out my daughters broadband. It a brand new house and telephone line and they enjoyed a 1.6 speed on a 2 meg subscription with orange.
they purchased a second hand Belkin wireless router but it struggled to hold the telephone line.ie kept flashing, the people who sold it swore blind it was ok. I updated the firmware,spoke will Belkin, then threw it in the bin.
i then installed a new live box and it worked for weeks including their PSE wirelessly.
then it pack up so as i had another Belkin wireless router which i tested and it was ok, including the lastest firmware, but again it works well but the telephone lights fails ever now and again.Bt have check the line and its ok, orange support is a bit hit and miss, but assuming it's ok what other factor could cause the telephone line to fail.

  Ditch999 21:03 15 May 2008

Dodgy extension sockets. Try plugging it directly in to the BT master socket (its the one left when you take the face plate off) and see what happens

  Les53 21:08 15 May 2008

we have plugged it in the main bt socket alas it still the same.speaking of sockets they have 3 other points which were not wired by BT and a friend of a friend who was qualified wired all 3 up. why would it have worked for months with no problems then suddenly start playing up again.
i was thinking of reverting back to the usb modem and see how it goes.
What do you think?

  bluto1 21:47 15 May 2008

I've no idea how to sort your Belkin problem, but my next door neighbour had a terrible problem with theirs. Losing the phone, losing the B/B and in general a real SNAFU.
I suggested, quite airily, 'Go back to your [email protected] and was greeted with derision at which I hardened and said, 'If you don't try it then don't laugh'. It worked, and we're friends again.

  Ditch999 11:56 17 May 2008

When you say "we have plugged it in the main bt socket" did you remove the face plate and do this? This totally rules any extension wiring fault out. I would also check the voltages of your sockets as high or low voltage or spikes can cause this. When you switch our electric shower on the voltage drops by 10! Do you have a surge bar?

  Les53 19:59 20 May 2008

Ok they are back from holiday. i have purchased a surge adapter for the electrics , what about the phone cable does that need to go through the surge adapter?
The BT socket is the face plate socket. Is there a connector behind the plate?
i have tested the broadband in another house , the wireless laptop as well. i think you are on the right track with this BT socket.

It's a new house and only the main BT was connected, as BT wanted £70 per socket to connect a friend did the job cheaper and i have checked he is qualified to do this.

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