Unsolicited emails from Yahoo

  Topo 22:57 29 May 2003

i have recently been inundated with hundreds of emails from a site called "[email protected]" and it seems that the only way that i can stop them is by sending an email entitled "unsubscribe" to this address.When I do it refuses to recognise my email address and asks me to log on to the above address by typing in my ID and password .The problem is that I do not have an ID or password because I have never been in contact with Yahoo.
At the same time my Norton Antivirus 2003 has identified and quarantined a virus called Funlove.I dont know whether this has a bearing on the above problem or whether it is just a coincidence.
Could you please advise me how to stop this flow of emails having regard to the above circumstances.

  jazzypop 23:11 29 May 2003

You could set up a rule to automatically delete them, or add them to your 'blocked senders' list, or install a decent antispam program, or report them to Yahoo, etc, etc, etc.

If you tell us which version of Windows you use, and which email program you use (including the version number), we can offer more specific help.

  Terrahawk 01:07 30 May 2003

mail washer can be used with pop accounts check email on the server so you can delete unwanted mail before it gets to your machine
click here

  hoverman 06:47 30 May 2003

Agree with Terrahawk, get Mailwasher to sort out the junk mail. But NEVER EVER respond to these e-mails by clicking on an 'unsubscribe' link. This merely confirms that they have contacted a valid e-mail address and you will get even more.

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