Unsecured Wireless Networks

  Timman 10:52 06 May 2007

I have been meaning to secure our home wireless network for some time. Having finally got around to it this morning, I ran into something of a roadblock! Our wireless router does not have a USB port.

Windows says that I must download security details to a USB key which must then be plugged into the router and each computer on the network. As there is apparently nowhere to plug the key into the router, I am stuck.

Does anyone know of a way around this? If I can't find some way of dealing with the router, our network will remain wide open. The wireless router is a Sitecom 54g broadband router.

  mocha 11:03 06 May 2007

If you are using a WEP or WPA key to secure your wireless connections, type in the code into the router and write down the code you have used, upper and lower case is important. then when logging on with your wireless computer(s) you will be asked to provide the security key. Just type it in exactly as you wrote it down. The computer will then log on to the router.

  ICF 12:21 06 May 2007

What's the model number of the router?

  Timman 12:28 06 May 2007


ICF: The model is Sitecom 54g broadband Router WL-114 V2UK

mocha: I cn't find any way of getting any password to the router, as I can't link it to my computer and can't plug a USB key into it.

  ICF 12:28 06 May 2007

Usually you set a WEP key on the router using a web page interface for example click here
Then you enter the default username and pasword then select security and set up your WEP key 64bit = 10 digits or 128bit = 26 digits.Write this down then input it on to the wireless computer.

  mocha 12:40 06 May 2007

I think your routers address is click here

  ICF 12:42 06 May 2007

You don't need a USB port the router should be connected to your computer with a cable plugged into the socket marked WAN on the router

  mocha 12:43 06 May 2007

Sorry about above 'click here' if you just hover the mouse over the 'click here' link it will give you your routers address. type this into internet explorer address and you will access your routers setup page where you can type in your key.

  Timman 13:08 06 May 2007


I've got the password request window for the router address up on the screen. It is asking for a password and username. As I have not set any password yet, I don't know what to type in to allow me to set my own up (aaaaaaaargh!). Is there some stock username and password for these things and, if so, where would I find it?

PS Many thanks for your advice so far - my computing knowledge is fairly basic.

  mocha 13:21 06 May 2007

From memory i think it's

Username: admin

Password: admin

if that fails try

Username: Admin

Password: Admin

  ICF 14:23 06 May 2007

Download the manual from click here;001

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