Unsecured wireless network...

  cbr keith 09:49 10 Feb 2007

Hi all,

Someone living near me has an unsecured wireless network, which I can connect to no problem.

I've not been able to find out who it is (or they're not admitting to it!)

Is there any way I can send them a message (like an instant message or an email) to warn them?


  STREETWORK 11:35 10 Feb 2007

Their loss is your gain...

  Taff™ 13:22 10 Feb 2007

But completely illegal!

Look how strong the signal is. It must be somewhere close, probably within 30 metres of where you are.

  cbr keith 08:42 11 Feb 2007

Turns out it was my neighbour (Who I'd spoken to already!)

She came round this morning to ask if I knew how to make her wireless secure!

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