Unresponsive Mouse

  Eileanbeag 10:37 30 Jul 2003

Please help!!
My mouse will only respond very jerkily and slowly. I have done the obvious and cleaned it but that changed nothing. I have changed ddit for a mouse I know is working fine and it is just the same. I am using Windows ME. Any suggestions?

  Wes Tam ;-) 10:45 30 Jul 2003

Eileanbeag does this happen all the time (eg on this page) or only occasionally?

I'm also using ME and have a similar problem when, for example, I'm playing certain card games, but most of the time it's OK.

  Eileanbeag 11:28 30 Jul 2003

All the time - began recently - its extremely frustrating!

  xania 13:48 30 Jul 2003

How long since the mouse was cleaned?

Open up the base of the mouse and remove the ball. Check and clean all 3 rollers, making sure you remove all the fluff and any rubber marks on the rollers. Give the ball a thorough wipe with a lint free cloth and then put the lot back together.

  Jester2K II 13:51 30 Jul 2003

Try changing the mouse mat or surface you are resting on.

  Eileanbeag 14:00 30 Jul 2003

Have cleaned mouse thoroughly and bourght a new mouse mat - nothing seems to help

  huzzar 15:19 30 Jul 2003

It sounds like something is working really hard in the background.

  Eileanbeag 16:19 30 Jul 2003

Only additional background activity is McAfee antivirus - could that b e the problem?

  huzzar 16:53 30 Jul 2003

You could rule McAfee AV out by disabling it and other programs running except Explorer and Systray using Ctrl+Alt+Del see if that stops the jerkiness.

I had a similar problem recently, tried reloading new drivers etc, then I remembered it was a cordless, just needed new batteries!

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