unreliable Web hosting

  crazyj 18:00 13 Aug 2005


On the 24th of july my dad purchased web hosting item no #5219741486 off of ebay on behalf of me. I only got a reply on 11th august from the seller: Andrew Roth. I set up my account and transfered my domain click here to the dot2dothosting account today (13th august) and It seemed fine so I gave him good feedback. Then at around 5:30 my web site and the hosting website both came up with the same error message. Please can anyone help!! What should I do.

Thanks in advance.

Jamie Noble

  mco 19:00 13 Aug 2005

Presumably you've sent him a message via ebay to ask what's going on?

  jolorna 22:03 13 Aug 2005

was this the one? click here even if you look at the counter there wasn't many hits, and at that price it would be to good to be true

  Snec 01:02 14 Aug 2005

If you click on the vendors Me logo you will learn two things...... he is an 18 year old lad who has two websites ... both accounts suspended.

  Forum Editor 01:25 14 Aug 2005

The price being asked for the service is ridiculously cheap - nobody can guarantee truly unlimited bandwidth for life, especially for that price.

You say that you transferred your domain name to this host today? What does that mean - was the name parked somewhere else, and you initiated a move today? You can't transfer a domain name in a day, and even when it is moved, it normally takes up to 24 hours before the name is propagated to the DNS databases around the world. Until that happens your site won't be visible.

Can you post a link to the host's website please?

  Forum Editor 01:33 14 Aug 2005

I'm afraid you have cause for concern.

The person doing the selling is very young, has obviously paid for a reseller account with a host, and by the look of it he's in trouble with the host - his account has been suspended. That means that your account is also suspended.

I'm not jumping to any conclusions, but some of those positive feedback messages sound a tad too enthusiastic to me.

All in all it looks to me as if you're going to need a new web host.

  Suskia 12:24 15 Aug 2005

You have been well ripped off.

He cannnot spell - which is a big giveaway - I am surprised you fell for this rubbish!!

  crazyj 20:42 16 Aug 2005


His site is back up, and my site has been transfered back to my old host somehow without me doing anything. I will be contacting him soon. I did notice quite a few things that did make me suspicious before I bought it but I thourght that I might as well buy it as it would be worth it even if it only happened to work for a month as it would still be quite a bargain.

  Completealias 16:44 17 Aug 2005

I think as a general rule with ebay if it seems to good to be true then it probably is.

  crazyj 20:23 20 Aug 2005

It all has been sorted out now. He said that he had to suspend all acounts because someone was abusing the terms and conditinons and he did not know who, but I am not so sure. Hopefully it will not happen again. Thanks for all of your help.

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