Unreliable internet connection

  davehyde 23:58 02 Feb 2003

Just changed PCs and the new one seemed to be doing very well with our Freeserve Anytime connection.

Then we had a phone problem - water in the outside line which messed things up terribly. This was fixed and all seemed well again.

Suddenly however, the connection is playing up again. When we log on it might connect at anything from 12 to 56 bps. Sometimes it flies, sometimes it dawdles. But most annoyingly, it frequently drops the connection...

The phone line itself (as used to make voice calls) still occasionally sounds faulty (hissing and crackling) - is it likely that there is still a fault, or is it more likely to be modem probs or even Freeserve having probs (phone now tests as "no fault")


  woodchip 00:02 03 Feb 2003

Then BT should fix it, report it to them

  algo mas 00:10 03 Feb 2003

Yes. check with BT. While your at it ask them to increase your 'gain'.

  SpittinFire 00:23 03 Feb 2003

Dial 17070 at the master socket, unplug all extension phones modem etc. If your number is withheld automatically then you'll have to put 1470 in front of the 17070. From here you should be able to do line silence tests and various others. If you've got hissing & crackling then as stated above BT have to fix this.

  davehyde 20:11 10 Feb 2003

I reckon the line is OK. BT man came and replaced the outside line (ancient, waterlogged, rusting) and the "frying bacon" noise went. All seemed well.

Then it connection problems started to occur again but only occasionally - and now we KNOW the phone line is OK (no extensions/other phones plugged in, brand new PC and cable)

Then it got more frequent. But the odd thing is sometimes it logs on great and just shoots along, other times it only just gets on and crawls, others it keeps dropping us, others we can't get on at all.

What's going on? Are there any modem settings that could be causing this (and obviously wrong) Is it ISP probs (Freeserve). Could it still be the line? Could it even be a virus?

Driving us nuts as we can't rely on the Internet at the mo.....


  graham 20:32 10 Feb 2003

Check with BT if you are connected to the exchange via DACS, in that you are sharing your line with another.

  faichfolds 20:38 10 Feb 2003

It sounds to me as though you have what BT term a battery leak, which is two lines crossing.
If you dial 151, this will take you to an automated line check, and if there is a fault with the line it will log it with BT, and then they will fix the problem. The fault could be any where between your property and the exchange

  davehyde 20:49 10 Feb 2003

DACS is...

As regards the 151 thing - we did this which is what got Mr BT here to fix the outside line.

The rumbling/frying bacon noise did seem to go, but still occasionally re-appears. We know that the line to the house is OK, and our line inside has no extensions (PC plugs straight in), but I suppose if the fault is sporadic this does explain the sporadic 'net probs..

Tried 151 again and now it's reporting OK, but again, it might be that we are trying it when the lines OK (ie, not waterlogged somewhere)

ARE there any setting combinations on dialup etc which might cause occasional faults


  faichfolds 21:05 10 Feb 2003

Not that I know, maybe someone might. I had the exact same problem as you especially the speed thing. Is it at specific times of day that it is slow because it could be ISP server related.
After our line was fixed our connection was also still slow, and we got so p'd off we went to broadband

  davehyde 21:15 10 Feb 2003

to relate to time of day. It just seems to depend what mood the PC is in! (Of course if you NEED it to work, that's when it won't!)

Broadband would be great if only we could afford it and also if only it was available here!!

  musicbassman 21:20 10 Feb 2003

Have you got Mcafee antivirus installed by any chance? There can be problems with the auto update feature slowing things to a crawl. Best to update manually rather than auto.

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