Unreliable internet connection

  Becco 15:40 26 Nov 2009

I live in France, about 4 miles from the France Telecom installation from which my ADSL Orange Livebox internet connection is supplied. It's always been temperamental but recently every evening it disappears about 5/6 pm and doesn't come back. FrTel/Orange don't seem able to help. Would a change of server be any use? SFR and Alice are pushing hard and will tell you anything to get a client!

  Clapton is God 16:07 26 Nov 2009

I would guess that the reason your connection disappears is due to two reason:

1). 4 miles is a hell of a long way from the exchange
2). High contention ratios in the evening are probably killing your connection

The solution is to move nearer to the exchange (not practical) or switch to an ISP which is either operates from an exchange nearer to your home or which can guarantee lower contention ratios. Any ratio under 50 is acceptable.

  Pineman100 19:21 26 Nov 2009

I have a friend who lives in southern France, and who has the same problem with Orange. He is in a fairly rural area, quite a distance from the exchange, and at busy times (eg: evenings) his internet connection slows to a crawl.

As a matter of interest, do you get a better connection at other times of the day?

If so, then CiG's explanation says it all, I'm afraid.

  reply4reply 19:58 26 Nov 2009

do they have fibre optic internet in your area? like Vrigin or ntl does here in uk
with fibre optic it doesnt matter how far you are from the exchange, it doesnt matter how many people use it. else called "cable internet" which doesnt need a phone line to run

  Daisy22 20:54 26 Nov 2009

I too live in France, in a rural area, and have been experiencing problems with both internet connection and PC's generally for about the last 6 weeks.

I've had FT/Orange engineers out (which is pretty costly), changed my livebox 3 times, done several ADSL tests which say my speed is "insatisfiant" at different times of the day.

I can't get to the bottom of it, it is totally frustrating and annoying and it is like living in the days of dial up. We have ADSL phone too so when the internet goes down so does the phone.

Incidentally my connection speed is 2 mg but it feels like snails pace.

  Pineman100 18:24 28 Nov 2009

My friend also has an internet phone that collapses when his broadband does.

Have you tried switching off the power to your Livebox for a couple of minutes, then switching on again? This sometimes works for my friend.

  Becco 18:37 28 Nov 2009

Thanks to all for your comments and help. I've written now to Orange, since they just brush you off on the phone, asking for a considered diagnosis of the problem, and a proposal for solving it.
Doubt if I get an answer ! Will keep you posted.Incidentally on the subject of Liveboxes, we have tried switching on /off, and have also tried with another Livebox on loan from a friend. Same problem.

  Daisy22 09:50 29 Nov 2009

I agree Becco, it only works sometimes to reboot/switch off power to the livebox.

It is an abysmal service, but good luck with it and hope they find some answers for you.

Just a thought, have you tried ringing the English speaking Orange/FT line? If you need the number please let me know.

BTW, apparently FT/Orange have the highest number of suicides within the organisation, because apparently the staff can't handle all the complaints they get - this was in the paper and also told to my daughter at school in one of her subjects.

  Becco 10:33 29 Nov 2009

Thanks Daisy - I can just about cope with the french speaking helpline - sometimes you get a technician who likes to try their english anyway.
As for the suicides, we have never been given the full stats - is 25 suicides in 2 years really high for a workforce of nearly 100,000? Or is it all a another stick for the disaffected workers to beat management with ?
Getting a bit political now - better stick to technology !

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