Unreliable Ethernet Internet connection

  waynum 14:57 16 Nov 2010

On start-up of my laptop I often have no Internet connection. In these circumstances I have to carry out a restart and then I will have Internet connection.

The modem is brand new, as is the ethernet cable.

When I have no Internet connection I have opened the Network and Sharing Centre then clicked on Change Adapter Settings and in the Network Connections there is no LAN option showing.
After I've restarted and have Internet connection then a LAN connection is showing.

On advice from Acer I have recently carried out a Factory Restore yet the same issue still exists, although a different icon shows in the Network icon (btm right by the clock) as previously it was the icon of the monitor with a yellow exclamation mark but now it's the monitor with a red no signal shape in it.

I thought the restore would solve this issue but it has not, does anyone have any ideas?

Also, during the Factory Restore I burned 3 Recovery Discs and 1 ApplicationDriver disc, does anyone know what should be done with these, do they need re-installing or just kept as back-up just in case?

My laptop is an Acer 5532 and runs on Windows 7.

  Ashrich 15:30 16 Nov 2010

What version of the Atheros LAN driver are you using ? Are you using 32bit or 64bit Windows 7 ? click here for the very latest version , released on the 22nd October 2010


  waynum 17:14 16 Nov 2010

I'm not really sure, Internet Explorer shows 64bit but when I check in the LAN properties I see nothing other than the connection is AR8132, so perhaps the last two digits indicate it's 32bit

Could this explain why I sometimes have no connection on start up?

  Ashrich 22:53 16 Nov 2010

It sounds like you have 64bit Windows 7 , however the new driver I pointed out ( first one at top of page ) is for both 32 and 64 bit

Try downloading it to somewhere you can find it easily , desktop is probably best , then go to device manager ( right click on Computer , select properties , then select device manager ( on the left of the screen ) Expand the Network section , find the Atheros LAN , click on Driver , then select " update driver " , don't let Windows search for it , point to it instead and let it update , then reboot the system and see if that helps .


  Ashrich 22:56 16 Nov 2010

I just said that the driver is for both , that's wrong , download the bottom of the 2 at the top of the page ( 64bit .inf file )


  waynum 17:13 18 Nov 2010

Hello again,
I've downloaded the driver and saved it to my desktop, it's a zipfolder. I've tried to follow your instructions but maybe I'm doing something wrong, I don't know, as I simply can not see how pointing my mouse at the zipfolder will install the driver. When I follow your instructions I opt for locating the driver myself and do not choose to let Windows find it for me....it brings me a box which has 3 choices of drivers in it, I just chose the top one, the same problem with having to restart remains.
Do I need to unpack this zipfolder and if so what do I do with it, will it then make a fourth option inside the box I mentioned?
Thanks for your help.

  waynum 17:25 18 Nov 2010

This is causing me such difficulty simply because I don't know what I'm supposed to do with the driver software. If I unpack it all I have is a list of six different file names, their date modified, type and size.......what should I do with these, please?

  Ashrich 17:37 18 Nov 2010

Extract them to a file/folder you can easily find , then open Device Manager , expand the Network folder , double click on the Atheros Lan entry , and on one fo the tabs at the top find the one that says Driver . When you have done this click on Update Driver , don't let Windows search for it , opt to look manually and point it to the folder you put the files in , and click Ok , Windows should find the necessary driver and load it . Reboot the system and see if that has improved things .


  waynum 19:02 18 Nov 2010

thanks for your help but this doesn't tell me any more than it did the first time and if I couldn't follow it before then nothing has changed to allow me to follow it this time.
Pointing at the extracted file, clicking it once, opening it, none of these make any difference to the select network adaptor box because none of them light up the 'next' button for me to go any further forward. I am either missing something obvious, can't possibly guess what, or there is something else you've not told me which I need to add into the sequence of actions that allows me to complete the task.
Are you advising me from knowledge of a different operating system and possibly this is where the confusion is created from? I have Windows 7, you see.
Many thanks, anyway.

  waynum 19:22 18 Nov 2010

It has been extracted and is a folder on my desktop. The folder contains these six things

l1c62x64 Security Catalog 80kb
L1C62x64 Setup Information 381kb
L1c62x64.sys System File 76kb
l1c62x86 Security Catalog 80kb
L1C62x86 Setup Information 381kb
L1c62x86.sys System File 67kb

Each one can be selected on its own but if I select all and then copy them I am not able to then paste them into the network adaptor box as a fourth option to install with.
You make it sound so simple but I am certain there is some missing link that I don't know and this is causing the stumbling block.

  Ashrich 22:37 18 Nov 2010

Depending on whether you are using 64bit ( which I suspect ) or 32bit Windows , you select the .inf file that Windows is looking for . So , 64bit , point it to L1c62x64 Setup information 381kb , for 32bit L1c62x86 setup information .


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