Unreal 2003 on 600Mhz

  redelf 23:14 26 Jan 2003

My son wants be to buy him Unreal Tournament 2003 (honest, it is for him and not me) but the system specs say minimum 733 Mhz processor . I have an Athlon 600 Mhz (Slot A so probably need a new Socket A mainboard if I want to upgrade). Would UT2003 run at all, slowly, badly etc on my current CPU ?

  PSF 23:22 26 Jan 2003

It might run on basic settings, if you look at the specs you also need a minimum of a 16mb graphics card, 32-128 recommended.

It might be an idea to look for a newer pc or upgrade. The newer games will all start to need faster pc's. ie min 1ghz+ cpu, 64mb graphics card and 128mb ram

  redelf 23:32 26 Jan 2003


Thanks; looks like I will have to bite the bullet on finally upgrading - the Seychelles holiday will have to wait (again).

  PSF 23:41 26 Jan 2003

click here Have a look here they are a lot cheaper now than you think.

You could say a holiday only last 2 weeks and a pc will last for.....

worth a try :-)

  goonerbill 04:47 27 Jan 2003


if ya just ater upgrading ya mobo and cpu, have a look at this site click here .
also, unless ya get one of the older type of mobo which can use sdram or ddr ram, you will have to upgrade ya memory to ddr as well

  powerless 07:09 27 Jan 2003

click here 4 in 1's have them built so you just have to connect everything up.

  redelf 22:58 27 Jan 2003

Thanks everyone; some good suggestions (but try telling my missus a PC is more important than a holiday!)

  vinnyT 12:27 28 Jan 2003

redelf, don't tell her just do it:-)

  jimv7 12:35 28 Jan 2003

If you get a new pc, make sure that you get the win xp disc with it and not just on a hidden partition on the hard drive.

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