unreadable handwring links or sites to help me

  Internetwhizzkid 21:11 14 May 2007

At this moment in time I have handwriting that is terrible as a matter of fact some teachers at the school and me sometimes struggle to read it. In fact it looks like a 3 year old has written it. I have had this problem for years and I am really getting annoyed with it. Now soon I will be doing my GCSE's and I do not want to end up with failing them because the examiners cannot read my writing.

So can any please offer me some tips on what I can do to get excellent handwriting skills.

websites or exercises will be excellent.

Please note I suffer from cerebral palsy and I am 15 years old, although cerebral palsy has affected my legs I am unsure wheather or not it affects my arms


  bluto1 21:23 14 May 2007

You`re a very brave lad to admit this failing publicly on this forum, but try writing in block letters for a while. I knew a sergeant in the RAF and we worked together keeping records (written). You can understand the problems others had until he changed to using small block capitals. If you start now you`ll speed up by exam time.
Later on I suggest you try to write slowly and learn to form the letters, I suspect you feel you need to write fast, well I`m telling you that you don`t. Speed will come in it`s own time, so ignore it. I hop you pass your exams with ease. Good luck kid.

  woodchip 21:25 14 May 2007

I am seventy one but this is what I remember From School, I never Write as it's that bad and not a good speller draw three horizontal lines about 3/16" space between each line You have a base line what the letters site on, middle line is as high as the lower case letters go, and top line for wight of caps and other letters like L in lower case or I.

  MAJ 21:27 14 May 2007

Hi Internetwhizzkid, I, like you, had terrible handwriting, but in my case it was down to laziness. Practice makes perfect, is the old saying and I found it to be true in my case. Write slowly and carefully to start with, your speed will build up as you get more confident, much like learning to type. Practice for about 10 or twenty minutes at a time, don't let your arms get tired, be relaxed. One other thing I found helped was to vary the height of the writing table until it feels comfortable and you feel in control, it's amazing the difference that can make.

  woodchip 21:31 14 May 2007
  [email protected] 21:32 14 May 2007

im 39 and i've always had major problems, im very dyslexic, i used to get all the letters the wrong way round, but managed to overcome that i still have problems (completely different to your own) in that my brain doesnt send the right signals to my hands, so all the letters and words look different, the end result, even i have problems reading it.
i found a wonderful lady, very patient lady who taught me to write with an italic pen, very wide, and this helped my loads in my younger years, there is a name for this sort of teacher and i cant remember it.. maybe colighrapher? or something?
end of the day matey, you'll overcome it, but maybe this sort of tutor may help you get there.

  Internetwhizzkid 21:33 14 May 2007

Thank you all so much for your support i really do thank you for this. luckily for me I get extra time in exams and rest breaks due to my learning difficulties (AS) Aspergers syndrome.

does anyone recommend any techniques that I could use or any special paper that will help me improve


  woodchip 21:37 14 May 2007

Look at the links I posted. It was Suggested to me to practise this

  Internetwhizzkid 21:37 14 May 2007

by the way i also forgot to mention i cant draw what so ever I cant even draw a person except for a stick man and because i am that bad i have to have a practical assistant do the drawings for me in the class and do graphs and charts in exams providing that i guide them

  [email protected] 21:51 14 May 2007

if you cant draw, you cant draw. you may however by creative with.... say chalks or something else. when i was at school dyslexia wasnt really recognised so teachers just thought me thick. and this made me think i was. but when i started trying things i had thought of, writting in my teens, and then realised i could pick up musical instruments quite quickly. but im still appawling at what many people take for granted, i really struggle if i have to write a cheque at the cashtill, or if someone says can you fill this in, i sort of panic which makes things worse, but i can play any instrument you give my in a matter of minutes.
thats because everyones skills and qualities lie in different areas, i read your blog once and i know you're very creative and imaginative, dont put yourself down 'cos you cant do everything, 'cos nobody can just hone whatcha good at.

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