Unreadable CDR

  edna 08:52 16 Feb 2003

I saved over 20 years of family history work on a CDR using DirectCD V.2.5 on Win98 to be able to change over to a new system.
I now want to read it on WinME which has directCD v.6. It seems to think it is an audio CD which it isn't and so will not read it for Data. I have used both the Recover facility on the new DirectCD which recovered the data but it is all in 'computer speak' and had REC file type I can't remove the REC to try opening the files with another programme such as imaging etc. From reading the postings on PSAdvisor I downloaded ISObuster which works but puts all the information into a folder I can't open! Also downloaded CD RX Data Retriever which retrieved the data wonderfully, even in the correct folders etc., but, I can;t afford nearly $400 to be able to save and use the data!
Can anyone out there help please?

  Stokey 09:10 16 Feb 2003

You say data has now been recovered and is in a folder that you can't open. Can you tell us why the folder won't open. What message do you get?

  edna 09:18 16 Feb 2003

The folders are in 'computer speak' i.e. little boxes and the file type is TAO.

  Diemmess 09:45 16 Feb 2003

A long way round but only a suggestion:

Can you not find a friend with a computer which will read your CD?

It is just this sort of catastrophe which makes me nervous of RW disks.

Not only are such recordings more easily corrupted but the software in various versions and brands, seems to upset more people than the burn-once medium.

If or when you do get access to your precious data, save it by a transfer to a bog standard multi-session disk.........Best of luck

  edna 09:49 16 Feb 2003

It's not on a CDRW only CDR multi-session etc. The computer I tried it on won't even acknowledge there is a disc there.

  Diemmess 10:01 16 Feb 2003

Sorry about my mistake about RW.

Showing my ignorance, I thought DirectCD was for RWs.

I have used EasyCD and nowadays Nero....... DirectCD is Adaptec software? ......I did have it once but then carried on with EasyCD now replaced with Nero.

Is there no way you can go back to v2.5, save it to HD, then reinstall v 6 and burn a new CD?....I said my suggestion was a long way round !!

Stokey may have a better answer.

  edna 10:16 16 Feb 2003

Hi Diemmess - Any ideas welcome whether you think its a long way round, etc., you never know might be something I missed.
So .... Tried installing old version yesterday but it won't let me because of the new version on this machine and also possibly because the old software was only for 95/98. I'm fearful of removing the new version because it is totally new machine.

  BBez 11:39 16 Feb 2003

do a search on google for a program called "bad copy pro" which claims to recover bad media from floppies, cdr's and cdrw's. Not used it so I can't comment on it's reliability

  Diemmess 11:42 16 Feb 2003

Surely the idea of a CDR is that the product should be readable in any PC, just like an audio CD should play on any half decent CD player.

Forgive me for stating the obvious because there is a chasm of not-understanding here which I am reluctant to reveal.

ISObuster has found something for you is there no way of interpreting that?

I have (briefly) put a search into Google for "file type tao" and a lot of alternatives are there to peruse. Just guessing, it may be something unhelpful like a .pdf which is pretty but not easy for ordinary mortals to play with and save as something editable......
I shall be offline for a while now - better luck.

  _Treb_ 13:52 16 Feb 2003

You mentioned "multi session" is it possible that you have created a multisesseion disc? If so open My Computer, once you have in serted the disc, and right mouse click on the CDr drive and look in the VOLUMES tab. Then click on any other volumes that you may have created and hit apply button. If you have created a Multi session disc this should make the other volumes accessible.

  edna 16:04 17 Feb 2003

Thanks very much folks but I managed to get the CDRewriter that is was originally saved on working again after much hassle and scanned it on there ticking automatic fix - and it did!! Now I can even read it on my new machine.

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