unread mail notice on start up

  spmilligan 14:18 20 May 2007

Hello all,
my daughter who rarely uses the main home computer, because she has her own laptop, recently logged on to her profile and had 170 e-mails. Anyway after going through them and reading, deleting etc she cleared them. However when we now start up, next to her profile picture it has a 170 unread e-mails message. I know this is not true. How can i delete this message or is there an underlying problem. By the way i have just installed kaspersky antivirus on to the computer a few days ago. I am running outlook express.

  Diodorus Siculus 14:30 20 May 2007

Tired of the login screen showing how many unread emails you have? These registry hacks will remove this information for you.

Boys and girls... this is registry hacking. If you break your registry, your box won't work anymore. Play carefully.

If you just want to remove it for one user:

1. Log into the XP box with the user you want to change
2. Click Start and click Run
3. In the runbox type regedit and press ENTER
4. Navigate to the following key:


5. Double-click on the dword MessageExpiryDays in the right column. If the dword is not there, create it.
6. Set the value to 0

If you want to remove the notification for all users:

1. Click Start -> run -> regedit (as noted above)
2. Navigate to


3. Double-click on the dword MessageExpiryDays in the right column. If the dword is not there, create it.
4. Set the value to 0


  Diodorus Siculus 14:31 20 May 2007

click here for MS suggestion - same thing really.

  spmilligan 15:09 20 May 2007

Thanks for the quick replies. I will try them when i get a moment. The thing is every other time i have read the e-mails the message dissapears from the login page. This got me thinking i may have an underlying problem, coz there still there now.
Thanks again.

  rdave13 19:47 20 May 2007

If you don't want to manually fiddle with the registry have a look here, click here

  spmilligan 07:43 21 May 2007

Thanks everyone. I seem to have sorted it. I used the link given by diodorus siculus and even I managed to follow it successfully. Thanks again.

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