Unmountable_Boot_Volume booting up pc with XP ?

  Giggle n' Bits 11:33 24 Jun 2003

Still trying to find cause/fix on my Dell Dimension 4400 running XP. over a year old everything ok, come back of holiday and this happens, won't boot into XP, Dell say its software error and its going to cost me for software support.

No restore disk works, and just repeats back to above error in a blue screen. Carn't see it being the notoruis 80pin cable as its only just started happening.

Any Dell software support staff in the forums ?

  spikeychris 11:47 24 Jun 2003

Do you have the XP cd? if so you could boot from it and when you see the Welcome to setup press
the letter R
You will get a dos prompt

Type "chkdsk /p" without the quotes and hit enter

When that is done type "fixboot" and hit enter
"Y" and enter at the prompt

Then type "exit" and hit enter

  JoeC 11:51 24 Jun 2003
  Giggle n' Bits 23:25 24 Jun 2003

I bought the XP CD as I am sooner or later going to need it for times like these.

Will be back with update.

Thank You both !.

  powerless 00:26 25 Jun 2003

What does the 'P' switch do?

  gatortail 01:35 25 Jun 2003

When I experienced that error, reinstalling from XP CD was the only option, at the advice of my techie. I would have liked to have had JoeC links then, but if I recall correctly I couldn't get past the error without the install disks.

I didn't have data that mattered on-board as it happened, luckily, since it formatted and reinstalled, then I had to redo all my apps as well. On the bright side it served as a good housecleaning. I wasted too much time fooling with trying to overcome it otherwise.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:40 25 Jun 2003

Amazing and strange how it happended in the first place, but it worked.

Got me thinking also what the "P" switch does, maybe it stands for Partition ? check disk on partiton ? just a wild guess.

But Thanks to M8 "spikeychris" it sorted it out !


Only thing which was a bit confussing was after

the > fixboot, hit enter key > "Y" and enter at again at the prompt Then type "exit" and hit enter how many time are you suppose to do this as there is no indication I did it 3 times and it came back to the C: prompt so I thought because the first line read back fixed that was it.

Rebooted straight into windows and it was file junk, Disk cleanup took 1.5 hours to complete.

Also noticed my winXP is missing Service Pack 1 so thats going to be downloaded tomorrow, think this takes about 2 hours.

Again spikey-Chris.

  Giggle n' Bits 01:44 25 Jun 2003

paid off reading the instruction and not formatting the HDD. Saved my time & work. Maybe I was lucky. It worked though.

gatortail, get a new techie !

  spikeychris 12:57 25 Jun 2003

'P' stands for "performs" as in /P Performs an exhaustive check of the current disk.

It can and sometimes does throw up all the waste it finds but fixboot should sort most of it.

How many times are you ment to do it? once should of been enough.


  spikeychris 13:09 25 Jun 2003

You could also have typed chkdsk /p /r instead of the fixboot option

  Giggle n' Bits 00:06 27 Jun 2003

This will be put in my tips n'tricks place.

Cheers spikeychris ! Appreciated.

Now got to sort other strange problems out.

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