Devious Dave 12:16 25 Feb 2004

Hi, A few weeks ago my PC wouldn't boot into Windows XP home (not even into safe mode). It kept says UNMOUNTABLE_BOOT_VOLUME so i did a search and found that repairing the MBR would fix this. To do this I booted from the XP CD and presses R. It then asked me to enter which installation i would like to repair and then type in the admin password. I didn't know I a admin password so left it blank and pressed enter. I then typed chkdsk / p and then fixboot I then rebooted and it was fixed. Today I booted up the machine and after the Windows XP logo disappears it says: Isass.exe error - When trying to update password this return status the value provided as the correct password is not correct. So think it was a related problem to the one before I tried to repair the MBR, but now when it asks for the admin password and I leave it blank it says that it is not valid.

1. Why has is suudenly invented an admin password?

2. How do I fix the Isass.exe error - without restalling windows?

Thanks for any help. David.

  ventanas 12:51 25 Feb 2004

First Make sure it states lsass click here and not isass click here

It is probably the former as you can't boot. Your pc has not just invented and admin password. Everytime XP is installed it requests an administator password. You would have had to choose and enter one when the pc was first setup. The file that is complaining authenticates user logons. You have probably upset things when you pressed return instead of entering the correct admin password. What was changed at that point may well have expired and the system cannot therefore log you on. Did you create a password reset floppy. If not I think you have no option but to reformat and reinstall, unless someone else know different. I hope they do.

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