Unmountable boot volume

  JoeC 09:34 09 Jul 2010

HP Pavilion zd8000 laptop running XP Home Edition.

Been given this laptop as original owner has new machine so I thought I would give to my grandson.

Machine goes into continuous loop of starting when switched on, blue screen with "unmountable boot volume", and cd/dvd tray would not open.

Used pin to get cd/dvd tray open, put the XP cd in tray to do repair (or reinstall if that failed), switched off and then on. Still continous loop and blue screen.

Went in BIOS and tried to set first boot option of CD/DVD tray but machine does not want to let me do this.

Have tried safe mode, safe mode with prompt etc. and it does start to go through the motions such as loading various drivers etc but just goes into blue screen again.

Machine cut out due to overheating (I am quite sure this was the cause as the amount of heat from the vents was amazing).

Got into BIOS and had machine do hard drive self test. Was informed this could take 112 minutes. Within 2 or 3 minutes the test had finished with a fail.

I am surmising this machine is finished as it is an old model but would be very grateful for any other suggestions as to what to try and possibly save it.

  gengiscant 10:39 09 Jul 2010

First thing I would do would be to clean out the fans on the cpu, then check that that the hard drive is properly seated.
If possible try another harddrive, in case the original is knackered.

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