Unlimited Dial-up ISP using NTL line? (NOT NTL!)

  Ben Avery 11:41 12 Jan 2004


Another query, after no end of problems with NTL (and an impending and expensive wedding on the horizon!) I've ditched my BB account with NLT and moved over to a Freeserve pay-as-you-go dial-up account for the odd home emails (I still have a 512BB account at work so big files download to my laptop and get taken home).

However, I can't seem to find anyone who offers the No Ties (unlimited) equivolent when you have a NTL phone line? Freeserve only work on BT for this package and the only ones I can find are AOL and NTL. I've had trouble with both in the past though:

AOL - Dropped lines and changing the phone number for NTL users all the time and connection failures a plenty.

NTL - I've just had a nasty battle with NTL after they "Forgot" to charge my debit card for the dial-up account for 18 months, which is pretty funny bearing in mind I upgraded it to BB after 8 months (apparently they "forgot" to cancel the old account!). They then sent me a bill for 18 months "service" which took me about 4 nights of phone calls to eventually sort out.

As you can see, I'm reluctant to use any of those 2 ISP's again and really want a cheap no ties alternative for the next 6 months or so.

Any ideas???


  jomitch 11:53 12 Jan 2004

Have you thought of trying one-tel they offer a good service at 1P per minute

  Ben Avery 12:23 12 Jan 2004

I have freeserve dialup at pay-per-minute, what I want is an unlimited time package.

Cheers though


  Sheila-214876 12:43 12 Jan 2004

Perhaps it was just a bad patch? I am on NTL cable phone and have AOL dialup at £15.99 per month unlimited and have been for about 4 years now. I have not had any of the problems you describe. I don't think any other ISP offers unlimited on NTL yet. Bear in mind that AOL do not automatically cut you off after 2 hours either, and also AOL are now able to offer BB for NTL customers albeit at around £27.99 a month. Why not give them another chance? Just noticed you say for "about the next 6 months or so". Most unlimited tie you down to a 12 month minimum contract. If you don't use it a lot you may be better off on PAYG.

  Ben Avery 12:47 12 Jan 2004

Ah, if that is the case, I think I'll keep the PAYG and try to keep the sister off the PC a bit!(or start charging her???)



  tbh72 13:57 12 Jan 2004

click here heres one but it seem's pricey. I found this by typing a search (Yahoo / Google) query "Alternative NTL Unmetered"

I'll post back if I find cheaper options.

  tbh72 13:58 12 Jan 2004

Actually in my haste I was looking at the business packages, the home packages are worthy of a look.

  gold 47 14:10 12 Jan 2004

There is only one ISP with an anytime account that works with NTL that is AOL there is no other.

That is why i have a BT line for my computer an extra £9 a month but i can live with that put other people may not it's up to you.

  Ben Avery 14:14 12 Jan 2004

However, I've just tried to sign up for the unmetered Lite home user package (£8.99 inc VAT) and when I get to the payment section it says "I hereby give permission to debit my card on a monthly basis to the value of £17.99."

How is that £8.99 inc VAT???

Any suggestions?

Think I'll try to phone them!


  tbh72 14:30 12 Jan 2004

Please Ignore The Above Link I Provided, The Company NO Longer Offer The Service To NTL Customers.

  Ben Avery 21:54 12 Jan 2004

Yet they still allege to on their site???

That's handy!

Thanks for looking, guess I'll have to stay on PAYG then! :o(


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