Unknown zip files on hard drive ?

  ianeon 15:15 02 Nov 2007

Good morning - I have discovered sixty-nine, unknown, zip files on my local disc(C:). Each one is of a different size and name I wondered if I could delete them - Their name always starts with a date and then a list of letters and numbers. Examples of which are "APR 2005_d3dx9_25x64" and "FEB 2006_d3dx9_29_x86". Mr Google suggests that they may have something to do with DirectX - As I am very ignorant in these matters I would love some help with this - Thank you for your time - Ian

  johnnyrocker 15:21 02 Nov 2007

do you have win rar installed?


  skidzy 15:30 02 Nov 2007

Have you installed any games ?
This looks like some of the Dll's from the game installation !

I maybe wrong of course.

  ianeon 15:49 02 Nov 2007

SKIDZY - I'm not a gamer so I don't think it could be that.
JOHNNYROCKER - I have winrar installed - I opened a couple of these zip files and they contain things ending in ".dll" ."inf" ".cat"

  skidzy 15:53 02 Nov 2007
  ianeon 16:05 02 Nov 2007

SKIDZY - Thank you for that lead - It looks like what I have is needed to play games and may have something to do with Direct X - However.... lol - as I don't know what I'm doing I will ask my original question again - can I delete these, or do I need them for normal running of my comp? and I thought that they would have to be unzipped to be used? - Thank you

  Technotiger 16:14 02 Nov 2007

Hi, I suggest that you delete the lot. If needed for any other program on your pc, it would be a simple matter to re-download and install DirectX again.

  ianeon 16:52 02 Nov 2007

Thank you people - I have copied all the zips and deleted them - so far so good everything seems to be working correctly

  Technotiger 16:58 02 Nov 2007

OK - I don't see any reason why things should not stay that way. Cheers.

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