Unknown USB Device

  rawprawn 12:15 20 Feb 2005

My son has bought a pen drive, it works fine on his laptop, but when plugged into his desktop he gets a message "Unknown USB Device" searching for drivers and finds nothing, His OS is Win XP Pro SP2. could anyone make a suggestion. Would sfc find drivers ?

  quack 12:32 20 Feb 2005

Did he not get a driver disk with the pen drive when he bought it. If he did then load the drivers from that. If not go onto the website of the maker of the drive and look for drivers for XP and download them from there. Choose to save the download to 'My Documents' then you will always have a copy on your hard drive.

  rawprawn 13:13 20 Feb 2005

There were no drivers with the pen, I always thought that XP had it's own drivers embedded, and the pen works on his laptop which is also XP.

  Totally-braindead 13:33 20 Feb 2005

I'm with you there rawprawn, I don't have a pen drive but do have a MP3 player and it loads its own drivers from XP and the pen drive should be the same I would have thought. Can you contact wherever he got the drive from and ask them, its obviously not faulty as it works on his laptop.

  rawprawn 13:57 20 Feb 2005

Yes, I think we will have to try that.

  freaky 19:07 20 Feb 2005

You do not need a driver for a Pen Drive provided you have XP with SP2. This is because SP2 already has the drivers.

The problem could be due to his Desktop not having the SP2 upgrade, whereas the laptop does.

Normally Pen Drives are not supplied with a driver, but I should imagine it is possible to get one. Alternatively upgrade the desktop to SP2.

  Jeffers22 19:13 20 Feb 2005

You do not require SP2.

XP SP1 for example is sufficient. My PC is SP1 only (+ all critical updates since) and three different makes of Pen drive happily plug and be recognised.

  rawprawn 19:20 20 Feb 2005

The Desktop is SP2 as I noted on the first post.

  wobblymike 19:25 20 Feb 2005

The only suggestion I can make given that it works on the laptop is to go into the BIOS and make sure USB support is enabled on the desktop.

  rawprawn 19:32 20 Feb 2005

Thanks, all other usb's work no problem.

  spuds 20:30 20 Feb 2005

I have a couple of different make pen drives, and both work okay with XP on different computers. Both manufacturers write-ups state that no drivers required for XP, only W98se.

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