Unknown slot on my laptop

  sicon67 13:16 18 Apr 2004

I have a slot on my laptop which I don't know what it's use is.

I have two slots for RAM, both of which are being used. I hoped to add more in the third slot but noticed it is smaller than the RAM slots. 9mm in width to be precise. It also looks to be square as opposed to rectangle. There is also a small thin cable cellotaped to the empty space.

I went to a computer fayre and was told it may be a space for a modem. I have an inbuilt modem already so wasn't totally confident of the advice.

Can anyone elaborate?

Thank you

  VoG II 13:37 18 Apr 2004

Is it a PCMCIA slot? click here

  sicon67 13:42 18 Apr 2004

No, unless it's an internal type.

I have to open the case to access it. It is only slightly smaller than the RAM slots.

  pj123 13:48 18 Apr 2004

If it's about 9mm x about 3mm it's probably a USB slot. If it's about 9mm square it could be a LAN port.

VoG™. your link doesn't work. www22.

  Eric10 13:56 18 Apr 2004

Can you give us the make and model of the laptop?

  sicon67 14:03 18 Apr 2004

it's a time 500-503. Apparently according to crucial it can only handle 256mb of ram. I have it running 512mb at the moment.

The width is 65mm. The RAM slot is 74mm.

  pj123 14:22 18 Apr 2004

You said it was 9mm in width now it's 65mm. So it could now be a SCSI port.

  sicon67 15:12 18 Apr 2004

Sorry, I meant it was 9mm wider than the ram slot.

If it's a scsi port, what could be added?

  pj123 15:42 18 Apr 2004

Anything that is classified as SCSI. SCSI is a daisychain type connection. So for example you could have a SCSI printer and it would have two connectors on the back. One connects to the PC and the other can be used to connect another SCSI device and so on up to about (I think) 27 other devices. It is not used very often these days because USB will do almost the same thing. I have got a SCSI hard drive but because I don't have any SCSI cards in my computer I can't use it. This is a very old hard drive but you might be able to find a modern SCSI hard drive that you could use as an external extra drive. You will also find that most SCSI driven extras are more expensive. Each SCSI device that you have connected must be given an exclusive ID. So, the first one on would be 1, the second 2 etc..

  pj123 15:45 18 Apr 2004

As an afterthought you could email Ian Shaw who is, or was the Time Rep on this forum. He should be able to give you more information. His email address is [email protected]

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