unknown e-mail plz take a look!

  second best 00:06 27 Feb 2004

C.Media has detected that the e-mail message you have sent below contains a
harmful virus. The message has been quarantined.

The infected message's properties are:
Sender: [email protected]
Receiver: [email protected]
Virus Name: W32/[email protected]!zip
Original Attachment Name: party.zip
Transmission Date Time: 02/26/2004 22:09:48

The intended recipient's System Administrator(s) has been notified. They may
choose to delete this message or request receipt at their own risk.

C.Media Customer Care

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  second best 00:06 27 Feb 2004

i have no idea who this person is.

  JIM 00:13 27 Feb 2004
  Gandalph 00:14 27 Feb 2004

Just delete it and get rid of it, and that goes for any e-mail you receive that comes from someone you don't know. It the best way of avoiding any virus.

  second best 00:16 27 Feb 2004

thaks guys. jim lol, haven't the slightest idea who it is???!!*

  second best 00:16 27 Feb 2004

do you know how i can trace it

  preditor 00:56 27 Feb 2004

Jims response has a click here ,
I have looked at their web site it looks ok send them a e-mail of what you got from them, they may have a infected site and dont know about it

  User-312386 03:25 27 Feb 2004
  Jester2K 08:43 27 Feb 2004

Who don't you know - sender or receiver?

If the sender name is your address then someone else who knows your address has a virus that has sent copies out in your name, hence you get the return mail when a virus is detected.

If you don't know the sender then i don't why you are getting the return mail...

madboy33©® - hilarious, I'm sure....

  Jester2K 08:46 27 Feb 2004

Read about the virus click here

  Stuartli 08:53 27 Feb 2004

It's a worm - the e-mail address provided will be genuine, but has been harvested by the worm from the last person to get it and then distributed; it will not be the true sender or even someone whose system may be affected.

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