Universal Plug and Play

  Granger 20:25 26 May 2003

I went to click here to test my firewall after setting up the home network. Everything was nicely stealthed except port 5000 which is apparently a potential weak spot caused by Universal Plug and Play. The site offers a small utility which "first stops the UPNPDH service if it is running, then disables its future operation. After this is done the SSDPDS service is stopped and also disabled. This shuts down Windows XP's external Internet server to prevent exposure to any presently known or later discovered UPnP vulnerabilities".

What do you guys think? No reason why those services can't dealt with myself, but is this really safe or necessary? Do you tech-heads leave UPnP running?

  powerless 20:33 26 May 2003

I have it Disabled.

  Granger 22:14 26 May 2003

So...I stop and disable Universal Plug and Play Device Host, then stop and disable SSDP Discovery Service? Is that what you did?

  powerless 22:21 26 May 2003

I only disabled UPnP.

All other tests were "STEALTH".

  powerless 22:23 26 May 2003

Yes, SSDP Discovery Service is also disbaled. However I did not disable it.

  powerless 22:25 26 May 2003

The two services are dependant upon one another. So with one disbaled and the other enabled, it will not work anyway.

Because i do not need Upnp enabled (manual, automatic) i have it set to disbaled.

  Granger 22:36 26 May 2003

You didn't disable it? Mine were both running, and are now disabled. I am now in full stealth mode, and I may change my nick to Knight Rider.

  powerless 22:42 26 May 2003

I did not disbale it - Yup.

  powerless 22:45 26 May 2003

You have a home network that is why yours is enabled (manual, auto).

I do not have a network so it's not needed.

  Granger 23:17 26 May 2003

But I thought these weren't needed for a network? I've actually set both to disabled, and can still use the laptop (client) to access the PC's (host) broadband connection. The 2 units can also still access each others files and folders.

  powerless 23:20 26 May 2003

Look at services.msc

...and it says next to - SSDP Discovery Service - "Enables discovery of UPnP devices on your home network."

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