Uniross website problem

  Graham. 13:42 01 Oct 2006

I'm trying to find details of their 2700mAh rechargeable AA batteries. I have been charging them with the charger that came with their 1800mAh batteries, but I suspect it is not fully charging them.

No-one seems to know which charger to use, least of all Argos, from whom I bought them.

The Uniross site, click here, asks you to install Flash Player, which I have done. Still can't get on the site.

  jimv7 13:45 01 Oct 2006

Not a problem click here

  James. 13:45 01 Oct 2006

Works ok for me, I suggest your flash player was not installed correctly. Try re-installing it.

  siouxah1 14:30 01 Oct 2006

Graham, not sure if you are looking for another charger or information on time to extend charging.
My view would be to go to link below and use this charger, not too expensive. It will take the guesswork out of charging times. Will cease charging when it detects the correct voltage.

click here


  siouxah1 14:43 01 Oct 2006

This might be of interest to you. From a prvious post.
As long as you can control the time on charge.

Check the output in mA. Say for instance that it is 300mA - then you can calculate a time to charge other batteries. But make sure you have like for like Nicads or NiMh.

The calculation is Battery capacity in mA times 1.4 divided by the charger output.

So for 4AA NiMh of 2000mA with a charger that outputs 300mA the calc would be

2000x1.4/300 = 9.3 hours.

However as Diemmess says - a new one is better in that it will suit the higher capacity battery more in that the charge time is less.

click here


  Graham. 15:13 01 Oct 2006

I am strangely drawn to this charger
click here but it is not clear if the included cells are NiMh.

As it would seem the charger I've been using is not suitable, and Argos are offering a refund on the Uniross batteries, it would seem wise to order the new charger.

  Stuartli 15:15 01 Oct 2006

The answer is very simple if you have one of the intelligent units.

When the fully charged green light comes up, turn the charger off, wait a few seconds and then commence recharging.

Once the green light is on permanently then the batteries are fully charged.

I do this with my 2300mAh batteries, which came out some time after that of my battery charger, which was probably produced to be used with batteries of around 1600-1800mAh units.

  BRYNIT 15:21 01 Oct 2006

Problems with flash player pclick here. This will tell you how to uninstall flash player after reinstalling flash player the web page should work.

  Graham. 15:23 01 Oct 2006

Better deal click here

  Graham. 15:29 01 Oct 2006

So my existing charger is OK after all? I was getting all psyched up for a purchase!

  Graham. 15:56 01 Oct 2006

Your link didn't work but I manfully battled on and managed to download the uninstaller.

Once reinstalled I can get on the site, thanks.

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