Uninstall,Reformat , & Reinstall Win98SE,How?

  aussiebikerider 13:56 11 Dec 2004

I'm trying to wipe the HDD completely, Uninstall Win 98 SE, Reformat & partition into 4 parts a 20 Gb Hard drive. Then reinstall 98SE. I have tried everything to no avail. I attempted to finally install a Updated BIOS tonight(Acer Power 4100 computer>>>V661a BIOS). Now nothing happens. I have a black data screen telling me:: Windows 98 is now starting your MS-DOS-based program.
DOSKey installed
WARNING : The LOCK command enables direct disk access by programs that can CORRUPT file names and/or DESTROY disk data , resulting in the loss of files on your disk.
Are you sure (Y/N)?

I'm stuck there, brain is a blank.HELP!! Any data loss is not a concern, as long as the BIOS is recoverable & 98SE goes back. I had thought of taking the hard drive out & down to the Internet Cafe & ask to wipe the drive. BUT the BIOS is still a big concern. I know I hit the wrong instruction, but which one??
Bye from me in Brisbane, Australia.

  ACOLYTE 14:15 11 Dec 2004

Firtly i dont see why you had to upgrade the bios to do what you wonted,Secondly Doskey is a MS-DOS utility that allows a user to keep a history of commands used on the computer. This allows frequently used commands to be used without having to type the commands in each time you need to use it.click here
Has the bios got a lock to stop intrusion,if so you need to turn this off to install 98 otherwise it wont work.As for if you flashed the bios ok if it boots then you probably did,you may need to load to default settings in the bios for everything to kick in.

  pj123 14:20 11 Dec 2004

I, personally don't think a 20gb hard drive is big enough to partition into 4.

I would leave it as it is and buy another (say 40gb) hard drive, partition that in to 2 x 20gb and install windows on that then use the original as storage.

But, if you have messed up the BIOS (the motherboard) you may have to get a new motherboard anyway.

  Gongoozler 14:53 11 Dec 2004

If your computer has any reference to Windows 98, then I think your BIOS is OK. Make sure that the BIOS is set to boot from the floppy as the first boot device. Put a Windows 98 boot floppy into the drive and switch on. At the option choose to start with CD ROM support. At the prompt enter FORMAT C:. After the format, find which drive is the CD drive. If you have the hard drive as C, D, E and F, G will be the virtual drive with your installation files and temporarily H will be the CD drive. In this case enter CD H:, then at the H> prompt enter setup and hit the Return key and the installation should begin.

  aussiebikerider 23:52 11 Dec 2004

Merry Christmas all, Not resolved yet. #Acolyte, I will "click here" soon thanks.
#pj123, 20 Gb compared to 3 Gb h/drive for my 76 yr. old inlaw will do well in 4 partitions. If it goes again. Thanks.
#Gongoozler, your advice is reassuring, I just have to get the brain around it. I will print out all 3 advice panels to go to the 5 yr. old Acer PC Model "AcerPower 4100" ; 450 Mhz CPU; 256 Mb SD Ram with Win 98SE. Thanks also.
NOT RESOLVED YET----but soon I hope.

  THE TERMINATOR 02:13 12 Dec 2004

Have you gone into the BIOS and checked the settings for your hard drive? The fact that you flashed this, could have made changes back to default settings. If you are unsure of your drive settings change it/them to AUTO to automatically detect your disk....TT

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