uninstalling/reinstalling Windows XP

  shaneoneill 00:09 11 Apr 2007


I am about to buy a second hand laptop from a mate. Its only about 9 months old but for several reasons I'd like to uninstall Windows and start again from scratch. I suppose the main reason is because he used it for internet access (potential viruses etc) but also its personalised to him too.

Can anybody argue a reason why I should not go ahead with this ?

Will this reinstall affect performance?

Is it easy to do ?

Any help or advice here is much appreciated!


  birdface 00:30 11 Apr 2007

If its running Ok just now I cant see the point of reformating it,You will need the XP Disc and drivers disc and even when you reformat it,You may have problems validating it with microsoft,And it is a bit complicated if you have not done it before,

  phono 00:41 11 Apr 2007

As long as you have all the original installatiom/recovery discs and the valid licence keys there shouldn't be any problems as the hardware and key will have been "logged" by MS to that particular laptop.

A reformat and full reinstall will not only allow you to personalise the installation but will also leave you with a cleaner more responsive install of XP, I would say go for it.

  shaneoneill 10:21 11 Apr 2007

thanks guys

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