Uninstalling XP

  Oscar 18:54 27 Jan 2005

Can anyone tell me how to remove XP without using the original cd.
I have only got a recovery disk and this will not allow me to uninstall.
Iwant to reformat and reinstall Windows 98se.

  Kegger 19:01 27 Jan 2005

get a win 98 boot disk and insert into PC. at the prompt after it has loaded type Format C: this will wipe the disk another way is to fdisk and delete the partion and then format the drive

  alnwrd 21:55 27 Jan 2005

Why on earth would you want to do this?

  keith-236785 22:12 27 Jan 2005

Before starting this, make sure you know the hardware fitted to your system because win98 will require all drivers to be available at install time. write them all down, make sure you have got the drivers on floppy/cd and make a note of all internet dialup numbers/passwords...

once you format ALL this will be lost.

ok, assuming you are totally ready to format:-

click here and download a win98SE startup disk

double click to write to a floppy (you will need ONE blank floppy)

restar pc with the disk in and at the menu choose option 2, start without cdrom support.

once loaded to the prompt A:> type

d: (or whatever it tells you is the ram disk) +press enter

prompt will become D:> then type

format C:

note the space after format. press enter and accept the warning about losing all data (IF YOU ARE SURE)

then just wait until it has finished. then you can either use the boot up floppy to load windows (by restarting and choosing option 1 start with cd rom support) or by removing the floppy, insert the win98se cd and reboot the pc

whichever you decide upon, you will need the bios set to boot that drive before the hard drive, my own setup is to boot Floppy first, CD Rom second and HD0 third. stays like that and enables me to boot from other media if i want.

good luck,

  sattman 22:21 27 Jan 2005
  Storik 22:28 27 Jan 2005

just done the self same thing on my other computer. The reason being that XP wouldn't accept the modem or the printer.

I used a DOS boot disk, but found the flipping thing wouldn't recognise the NTFS format - so I ended up using FDisk and using the delete non Dos partition, or something similar - formatting did eventually work.

Must try the above (paperman27's post)sounds a lot less complicated.


  octal 22:31 27 Jan 2005

If your partition is NTFS you won't be able to revert back to FAT32 that easily by just reformatting. The partition needs to be removed first using delpart.exe click here and scroll down to the bottom of the page for delpart.exe

This site click here gives instructions on how to use delpart.

Then follow paperman27's instructions to re-install.

  keith-236785 22:37 27 Jan 2005

i agree with octal, use fdisk or delpart to remove the partition, create a new partition and format with the startup floppy as described above.

as said my workthrough wont work with NTFS (well it might but i have not tried it)

good luck

ps, that link should have been

click here i forgot the .com oops

  octal 22:47 27 Jan 2005

I nearly forgot one last thing, if you need all the Windows 98SE updates you can get them from click here also there are some very good tweaks which will make your Windows 98SE run much better.

  Oscar 19:21 30 Jan 2005

Thanks to everybody for your help,I have now installed 98se and now start the job of finding all the neccesary drivers.

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