Uninstalling xp!

  agentsmith1134 16:54 31 Dec 2003

i have a pc running XP. i want to uninstall XP and reinstall Windows Millennium.i have a windows 98SE disk and a Millennium upgrade disk.

can some one explain to a novice (13 years old) how this can be done!

The reason for this is that i have soft ware that are not compatable with XP

  jimv7 17:05 31 Dec 2003

Boot from cd with the xp disk, use xp to format the hard drive as fat32, remove the cd replace with me and reboot.

  Rennaissance 17:06 31 Dec 2003

i would boot into A: promt using a boot disk from click here then use the format c: command which will erase windows xp. Then install windows 98SE - btw this is the full version of windows 98 isn't it? Then just use the upgrade disk.

  beeuuem 17:15 31 Dec 2003

I would suggest that you read click here which gives very clear instructions.
You don't need to install 98SE to install the upgrade, read the section on full installation.

If you can, print out the intructions and it will be a fairly simple procedure if you follow them.

  woodchip 17:16 31 Dec 2003

Like this if you have not got a Win98 Floppy start disc go click here and download a OEM Win98se boot disc. put a floppy disc in computer and double click the download it will create a boot disc for you. Then restart the Comp with the Boot Disc, and at the A:\> prompt type FORMAT C: like this

A:\>FORMAT C: press enter just then press Y for yes when it asks when it gets to the end it will ask for a volume name just ignore and press enter it will return you to the A:\> with a clean drive. Restart your computer with the floppy disc and choose START WITH CD-ROM SUPPORT
put your Win98 Disc in the comp. After it as done loading the Ram Drive etc. it will return you to A:\>

now this is the tricky part, If your CD-ROM was D:\ it will now be E:\ no matter what the letter was it will move up by one letter.

Type the CD-ROM letter i.e. if it was D:\ type E: and press enter then type at E:\SETUP like this

E:\SETUP press enter and follow the instructions on screen from there, Have your Win98 Reg KEY ready on the Win98 Book


  Rennaissance 17:18 31 Dec 2003

beeuuem i would have thought you needed to install a previous full version of windows before you install the upgrade. You can't install upgrade from scratch, blank drive.

  Big Elf 17:34 31 Dec 2003

Have you tried running the software in compatability mode? Also consider a dual boot for XP and ME.

  leo49 17:38 31 Dec 2003

Not so - if you read beeuuem's link you'll see why.

click here

  beeuuem 18:44 31 Dec 2003

Thank you leo 49

My understanding is that an upgrade disk is the full installation, at a cheaper price than the full retail version, to persuade you to upgrade .
At some point in the installation you have to confirm, by running the original OS CD, that you are actually upgrading.

As long as you can do that, you can run a 'clean'install with an upgrade disk.

  woodchip 19:10 31 Dec 2003

Leave ME off. Put Win98se on it's better

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