Uninstalling StarOffice6 Problem

  Zak 20:00 24 Jun 2003

I was uninstalling SO6 using the SO6 local setup program via add/remove. My system crashed and uninstall did not finnish. I am running Win 98.

I rebooted and tried to uninstall via Add/delete and setup gave message: "program cannot access c:\windows\setup.inf"

I tried to reinstall from CD and setup would not allow this, saying SO6 already installed, use local setup for uninstalling.

Please help to uninstall as I now have a full version which I wish to install.

  Belatucadrus 20:06 24 Jun 2003

Try smart uninstaller click here might shift it and it's free so why not give it a go.

  woody 20:24 24 Jun 2003

Go to SO folder and remove it.
Then remove dross with a reg cleaner.(easycleaner)

  Zak 20:41 24 Jun 2003

Thanks Belatucadrus, I tried Smart Uninstaller but same results as with Win 98 add/delete. However Smart Uninstaller is a nifty little program.

Woody, thanks, I may well need to resort to your suggestion.

Perhaps someone with SO6 Evaluation still installed on Win98 could send me their setup.inf file? Possibly by amending contents via Wordpad it would work on my system?

I am sure if this idea is a no no I'll be told. Here' hoping it might work...........

  Zak 22:39 24 Jun 2003


  Djohn 22:57 24 Jun 2003

Sorry can't help with the ini. file, as I have taken mine off. can't see any problem with anyone sending you a copy though. If there is, FE will let you know.

Meanwhile, have you tried booting in safe mode and removing from there?

  woodchip 22:59 24 Jun 2003

Put the star office trial CD in and run the setup if you look on the setup there may be an uninstall program

  Zak 23:11 24 Jun 2003

Thanks for your replies Djohn and woodchip.

Unfortunately safe mode and using the trial CD do not help. Setup reads script file and advises either "No setup info" or that in the case of the Cd, "already installed -use local setup" etc.

  Belatucadrus 23:29 24 Jun 2003

OK then how about click here MyUninstaller isn't as good as SmartUninstaller, but apparently it can display the uninstall string so even if it doesn't work, maybe it'll give you some info to work with.

  Djohn 23:42 24 Jun 2003

doesn't help, how about inserting the trial CD, but closing the install, then open the CD from "My Computer" and click your way to the install file from there, sellect the one/s you need and try again. j.

  woodchip 13:37 25 Jun 2003

You can remove it my way through the Registry but There are that many entry's it may be better to format and reinstall. If you need the info I will post it. the other way that is quite simple is delete the folders in Explorer type in the find files box SO6 or Star Office and delete the entry's it finds then run regclean. or what I said above. post if you need any more info

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