Uninstalling Spybot!

  kingkenny 18:21 21 May 2003

Not as easy as it sounds!

I have clicked on the file menu within Spybot Search and Destroy and clicked Uninstall. It then tells me that this will execute a part uninstall and all I need to do is close the program down and delete it's directory. I am not sure if this means it's folder within Program Files, so would someone clarify that for me please?

I then went into Add/Remove programs and clicked remove, it just launches Spybot and doesn't go any further.

Can anyone help me with this please?

It is affecting some of the sites I go to and not letting them load up properly.

  -pops- 18:26 21 May 2003

I am interested in this as well. My installation has become corrupt in that it now hangs at C2 lop and I have to close it with a CAD. This only happened after I installed the so called patch to prevent it hanging!


  kingkenny 18:30 21 May 2003

Do you have web pages that don't load properly, blank section and the like?

Can anyone help us both?

  -pops- 18:37 21 May 2003

No, it doen't affect anything except its own running. I don't use it now because of that and just stick to Ad-Aware.


  VoG™ 18:37 21 May 2003

click here FAQs

Why does the scan hang during detection of C2.lop? link FAQ #022
The exact reason isn't yet known, as this error seems to be sporadic and only on a few machines, but there's a simple way around it. Start Spybot-S&D in advanced mode, open the Excludes section, and select C2.lop for exclusion of the scan (tick the checkbox in front of the C2.lop entry). This will avoid scan of C2.lop until a bugfix comes out (soon).

Update: Some reports have confirmed that this happened only after installation of the Zone Alarm firewall, and stopped by deactivating ZoneAlarm.

Update: Cleaning the Windows Temp folder will help as well. Newer Windows versions provide a tool for this. Open your start menu at Programs -> Accessoires -> System and you'll see a harddisk cleaner.

  hugh-265156 18:39 21 May 2003

can you remove via controlpanel/add remove programs

then right click the start button and explore all users and navigate to C\programs and delete the remaining folder.

  hugh-265156 18:42 21 May 2003
  -pops- 18:44 21 May 2003

Thank you !!!!!!!!

Don't have ZoneAlarm (I use Outpost) and am always cleaning the temp file.

I hope someone can help kingkenny!


  acfc 18:48 21 May 2003

I had the same problem uninstalling Spybot to install version 1.2.

Unfortunately version 1.2 did not resolve my original problem ~ the program freezes when trying to download updates!

Anyone know a fix for this or should i also return to adaware?

  -pops- 18:50 21 May 2003

Just run a scan and it worked!!!<:-)))))))


  hugh-265156 18:51 21 May 2003

During update, I get an error message the update is forbidden? link FAQ #020
Some user have reported they are not able to download updates. The 'Search for updates' reveals updates, but they cannot be downloaded. Often a 'HTTP Error 403' or 'bad checksum' is displayed. This has a simple reason - thousands of people trying to download from the default server, which can't handle such a burden. If you try again, have a second look at the menu bar. It has a pull-down item to select a mirror. Click the arrow beside it, and select a different location, where you'll most probably have better chances to download. (Spybot-S&D 1.2 will set a random mirror as the default to better distribute the load)

Current problems with the main installer download have the same reason - the servers not being able to handle such large amounts of visitors. Even the University isn't able to deal with many thousands of downloads at the same time. Please have some patience; more mirrors are being added again

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