Uninstalling and reinstalling software

  Saltyseadog 17:47 06 Apr 2004

I would appreciate some help regarding uninstalling and reinstalling a game for my son. My son accidentally deleted some files from the game and has been unable to get the game to run correctly. We have tried uninstalling the game both via the games own uninstall programme and using the control panel without success. We have also tried the games repair option. Also no joy deleting the files from the drive and using the search facility to delete any other related files. I do realise that some programmes don't completey uninstall correctly and that traces of the programme can be left on the registry which can cause problems with uninstalling and reinstalling the programme. Could someone let me know where I need to look in the registry to delete any further reference to the programme. I also am very aware of the consequences of messing around with the registry and will of course create a restore point prior to deleting anything. We have tried using previous restore points to enable the game to run without any success so any help is appreciated.

  johnnyrocker 17:50 06 Apr 2004

which version of windows? and if xp what abot trying scan reg from disk to rectify?


  Saltyseadog 18:00 06 Apr 2004

Hi Johnny it's XP, exactly how do I go about the scan reg from disc.

  TomJerry 18:10 06 Apr 2004

Just try to install, it does not really matter what left there.

  Saltyseadog 18:23 06 Apr 2004

Have already tried to install without any success, it comes up with the option to repair, remove or modify and all have been tried without success.

  Diemmess 18:24 06 Apr 2004

I am just guessing, and feel you are correct in looking for traces still on your computer.

Since the game is the thing which has suffered, and not other parts of the installation there is reasonable hope that you can clean it up, but at the risk of a 'nasty.'

Worth doing a search for any folders orf files still lingering, but do bear in mind that the name of the game may be different on the folders.
Suppose the game is 'Seadog' there may be references named 'Salty' or even some similar and shortened name.

I think you will eventually have to comb out the registry (back this up first). This is where a differing name may be used, and there is no alternative here but search patiently through the lot, with Edit..... >Find >Delete >Enter (>F3 to find next instance)and so on to the end.

  Saltyseadog 18:26 06 Apr 2004

Thanks Diemmess, is there any particular section of the registry I should check, I'm just off out at the mo so I'll try when I get back. Many thanks for the help, I'll update you when I've tried later.

  Wes Tam ;-) 19:04 06 Apr 2004

Just highlight 'Computer' at the top then search as Diemmess says - it will then find the first reference - delete and then F3.

Don't forget to export your registry first (say to Desktop) in case of problems.

  Saltyseadog 14:40 07 Apr 2004

Many thanks for all your help the problem has been resolved without recourse to messing with the registry as my son had also loaded the game on to my laptop and he has managed to copy over the files and all is now working ok.

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