Uninstalling onboard AC97 sound - best procedure?

  AnthonyB 17:02 08 Sep 2005


I'm getting a new sound card (E-MU 0404 Digital Audio System Pro Soundcard)
for my Athlon FX55 PC, with Neo K8N MOBO, Windows XP Pro, etc.

What is the best method for uninstalling onboard sound? -Bios or another method?. I have Codecs, legacy drivers, etc in the device manager, will these need to be adjusted, or can I disable the onboard sound in one go - and will that be it, so to speak?



  chris05 17:06 08 Sep 2005

I would recommend deinstalling any drivers or software for your onboard sound and then install your new card and put the drivers in for that. Another option is maybe you can get both soundcards running together then you can switch between them in sound and audio devices in cotrol panel. hope this helps Chris

  AnthonyB 17:12 08 Sep 2005

Thanks for reply chris05.

Deinstall from device manager you mean? and wouldn't the "onboard presence" conflict with a dedicated sound card?



  chris05 17:23 08 Sep 2005

Forgot to say deinstall anything in add and remove programs i.e soundman or any other software for the onboard sound then disable in bios install your new card get that up and running and then you could if you wanted try and enable your on board sound again, install the drivers for it and see if both will work. Sometimes it works sometime it dont it depends on your system but worth a try.

  AnthonyB 17:42 08 Sep 2005


Would: Media control, ATI WDM rage thetre video, ATI WDM specialised MVD codec, etc have to be uninstalled as well (I have a Radeon ATI X850 GFX Card)


  chris05 17:47 08 Sep 2005

I would leave them sounds like some of them are for you graphics card

  g0nvs 17:56 08 Sep 2005

Don't forget to turn off "On Board sound" in the BIOS.

  Stuartli 18:19 08 Sep 2005

About to point out what g0nvs has suggested - if you have onboard sound and a sound card enabled you'll find that you will/may get two lots of sound...

  citadel 18:23 08 Sep 2005

I disabled ac97 sound in bios, shut down the pc, installed the new sound card, restarted the pc, then installed the drivers when the new hardware found wizard started. The new card works perfectly.

  AnthonyB 18:25 08 Sep 2005

Thnaks very much all, will try the above out when I get it Saturday/Monday (digital Village)


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