Uninstalling Office trial

  hawthorn59 17:37 13 May 2008


I uninstalled the Office Home and Student 60 day trial an hour ago. I have MS Works 9 so dont need it. Then I tried to open some Word docs but they wouldnt open. I tried "open with" Works but no joy.

There was an option for "xml convertor" but it wouldnt convert.

These were docs sent to me in Word format, some with .docx extensions. But Im sure I had re saved them in word 97-2003 format.

So I went back to a System Restor point, and yes, Office re appeared so i could open the files.

I was right, I had saved them in Word97-2003 format, so why wouldnt they open in Works 9 (which has MS Word)?

And where do I go from here...??? I want to get rid of Office.



  rawprawn 17:52 13 May 2008

Does this help? click here

  hawthorn59 02:13 14 May 2008

I dont know!! What I have is Word files, some of them were .docx I re saved them as Word 97-2003. i presumed they would open in MS Works Word processor but it seems they wouldnt.

I could try again, but I have no way of checking unless I uninstall the Office trial again....


  hawthorn59 03:39 14 May 2008

I have more problems now. All my old documents that had a "Word" icon now wont open in Works 9, unless I r click and "Open with Works". Then I'll have to resave them all as works files....hundreds.

I used to have works suite and then works 8 got the Works Word processor; Im pretty certain the word files would open by double clicking them.Otherwise why would all my old files have the Word icon?

But now in Works 9 it looks like the only way is to r click as I said earlier. What a pain for the hundreds of documents I have....

Is there any way around this?


  ambra4 05:00 14 May 2008

Do not use Microsoft Add/Remove program as it leave a lot of crap behind in the registry like all of
Microsoft programs

Try the following program to remove Microsoft Office Home and Student 2007

click here

Only try this if you have a CD of Works with word to re-install

Once you have removed the Office program do a reinstall of Works

  hawthorn59 08:30 14 May 2008

Unfortunately I dont have a CD of Works, as it came preinstalled on this laptop, as did the trial version of Office.

I did a system restore, so now Office is back, but not installed. If I try to open office, it starts to install it, so at least I can do that if needed.

i dont want to end up buying the bloody thing!

Whats actually happening is when I double click on one of my old documents, (saved over a year ago) it does the same thing, tries to install office. So it must be treating it as an Office Word document. Fair enough if i right clck and "Open with Works" it will open as Works Word processor, extension .wps.

But Im nearly sure that on my old laptop with Works Word processor I could double click on a Word document and it would open. Now Im not fully sure, maybe that was when I had Works Suite a few years ago.

I suppose the basic thing I need to know is how Works Word Processor treats Word documents, and how they open. Then I can see if, in fact, my Works is actually behaving normally....!


  Technotiger 08:54 14 May 2008

I would advise you to completely uninstall it using Revo, as suggested by ambra4 (he he he - copy-cat LoL).

During the uninstall when the program asks you if you want to re-start your computer - Don't re-start, Revo still has more up its sleeve. When you get to the option to Select All and Delete - Do so! When Revo has finished, re-start your computer.

Then, why not use the free Fully Word Compliant program Open Office Org instead. It does everything that Word or Office do and is fully compatible.

  hawthorn59 09:01 14 May 2008

I used to use Open Office and it was fine, but I actually like Works 9. If I uninstall it using your method, will it affect Works 9?

  Technotiger 09:04 14 May 2008

As far as I am aware, No it should not affect Works 9.

  Technotiger 09:06 14 May 2008

PS - I have used Revo many times, exactly as I have suggested above - it has never caused any problems at all with similar type programs on my PC.

  hawthorn59 12:29 14 May 2008

Im sorry to be going on too long but theres something else I didnt mention....When I uninstalled Office with Add/Remove, my documents (at least the 4 I tried; they were on the desktop) wouldnt open at all with Works. They werent even office icons; they seemed to be associated to nothing at all! That was really strange.

So now Im afraid that if this happens I will lose them altogether, as in wont be able to open them.

These are documents that on my old laptop opened with Open Office and on previous one, opened with Works Suite Word. Now when I uninstalled Office, they didnt even look like Microsoft files, even though I still had works installed.

As a matter of interest, should double clicking on Works 9 Word Processor open a Word document ? (not even mentioning .docx extensions, thats another days work!)

thanks for your patience


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