uninstalling Norton anti-virus

  pellim 16:55 09 Oct 2007

I've just bought McAfee VirusScan Plus, but the anti-virus section can't be brought into use. The McAfee "virtual technician" gives a message: Norton 2000 and Norton AV 5.0 need to be uninstalled. My "Add and Remove" program says the file is corrupted and cannot be moved. Please can anyone suggest a way to get rid of these old Norton files? (they haven't been in use for a couple of years or more.)
Incidentally I was using an AVG anti-virus program, and I uninstalled this to make way for the McAfee program. I tried to temporarily reinstall AVG , but my system freezes. The upshot is that I have no anti-virus program running, so most of the time my PC - for safety - is shut down.
I'm desperate.

  Totally-braindead 17:05 09 Oct 2007

Try the Norton removal tool click here

  pellim 22:12 09 Oct 2007

Thanks Totally-braindead for such a quick reply.
Unfortunately the Norton Removal Tool says it has found Norton AV 2000 on this PC, and this must be removed first before Norton AV 5.0 can be taken off.
My "Add and Removal" section says it cannot proceed with the uninstalling of Norton AV 2000 because the file is "not valid or has been corrupted".
It's been like this for ages, but has never caused trouble before, so I just left it.
I'd be grateful for any more suggestions.
Once this has ( hopefully ) gone, I'm quite happy about using the Removal Tool.

  brundle 22:17 09 Oct 2007
  Totally-braindead 22:21 09 Oct 2007

I don't suppose you still have the disk for the Norton thats causing the problem? If you do you could reinstall it and then try removing it.
Only other suggestion I have is try Ccleaner as one of the things it can do is remove leftovers from programs and it might do the trick. click here

  ambra4 03:03 10 Oct 2007

I use this one to remove all Norton software on all type of computers new or old

Once the program is running remove all Norton listing + the live update software

click here

  brundle 07:05 10 Oct 2007

I use that too, but it only runs the same uninstaller as Windows' Add/Remove Programs, except you can delete the registry entries (as you can in CCleaner). It won't do the same job as Norton's uninstaller.

  pellim 21:04 10 Oct 2007

Many thanks to ambra4 and brundle. This is a difficult problem to solve, due to the age of the Norton file left on my PC - and my lack of knowledge.
I'm battling with it and using all your suggestions. I'm just amazed at the expertise and goodwill of the users of this site. Thanks so much. I'll report back when I'm sorted.

  brundle 23:43 10 Oct 2007

You might find this useful; click here
More capable than plain Add/Remove though again it still runs Windows' or the program's own uninstaller so not as effective as programs which monitor installations and keep a log file for future removal.
Very effective at clearing out registry junk associated with removed programs though.

  pellim 02:10 11 Oct 2007

Thank you,brundle, for the new posting. I've been trying the other suggestions without success.
Today I received an email from McAfee suggesting I remove the Symantec entries on the registry. I did this,( quite a bunch of them ), and now they don't appear anywhere on my PC. I've downloaded the Revo uninstaller, but there is no sign of Symantec files in my list of programs.
However, a red warning icon still appears at the foot of my screen, saying I have no anti-virus protection. And a new notice appears : "Norton AntiVirus Auto Protect has encountered a problem." So something is still lurking somewhere.
By the way, something called SymNRT is still on the registry. Is this a Symantec file, do you know?
I'm beginning to think that finally I might have to cancel the McAfee purchase and go back to my previous arrangements. I had a Norton firewall and AVG AntiVirus, and my PC didn't complain. It's disappointing, but may be the only way.

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