uninstalling linux on dual boot system ??????

  NEOSPHEAR 09:24 28 Jul 2003

Ive been toying around with the idea of installing linux alongside windows XP making a dual boot system however a friend of mine had avit of a nightmare trying to get rid of it as well as making the system unbootable when he got rid of linux, all i want to know is if i decide that i dint get on with it how easy is it to get rid of without mucking up windows

  zanwalk 12:35 28 Jul 2003

You are quite right to be wary of installing another OS. In any operation of this sort things can go wrong, and your first priority should be to be able to restore the system to it's original state if things don't work out.

The best way to do this is to take an image file of your existing setup before you begin, using Drive Image or a similar program.

If you haven't got Drive Image, you must ensure that everything is backed up, so that you could reinstall XP if the worst happened.

However, if you are careful and follow the instructions, it should be OK, and I wish you well with Linux.

  dth 13:03 28 Jul 2003

There aren't any real problems.

When you set Linux up - it will default to installing a boot loader (usually GRUB) on your P/C. So when you start your P/C you have a menu to start Linux or Windows. It is best to change the default install option to a floppy boot loader instead. So when you start your p/c it will just start windows as normal. If you wanted to start Linux - you would put the floppy disc in your p/c and then switch it on and have the option of starting up in Linux.

Once you have Linux up and running - it takes a little while to get used to it - it works fine and you can access all your data files from Windows. Some run better in Linux than windows - some the other way round. It is not possible to do it the other way round as Windows does not reconise the filing system that Linux uses.

If you decide not to keep Linux, then you just use one of the disc partition programmes - like partition magic - and it will delete it usually without any problems. Your p/c would then be back to just Windows.

  dth 13:06 28 Jul 2003

Forgot to add the usual health warning - whenever you are making major changes (like this) always make sure that you have a tested back-up of all your data files - just in case.

  NEOSPHEAR 10:02 29 Jul 2003

thanx guys im going to giv it a go and ill ley u know what happens

  Kitz E Kat 13:42 29 Jul 2003

Hi , i did that Ie. a dual boot with Red Hat Linux 8. I now have RH Linux on my lapper as the only OS and working fine, its a great OS.
Will neve have M$ on it again!!


Now that i have it on my laptop i decided to get rid of it on the PC, and reload the HD, with 98,2000 and XP. Could not get rid of the Linux partition with FDISK, tried as mentioned above to use Partition Magic, well no magic!! Sure it seems to be able to create a Linux partition, but no way was it able to get rid of it....

Now im angry!!!!!

I ,in the end had to boot of the Linux install CD, and when i got to the partition stage i opted to manually partiton the disk, i deleted the existing LInux partition , and quit the install.


FDISK could now 'see' the entire disk.

Just so you know!!!!

Linux is a great OS give it a go and you will not go wrong, i just got RH9, so im off to update my lapper....

I do hope you like it..
Good Luck

KItz E Kat

  NEOSPHEAR 18:54 29 Jul 2003

well the instalation went a ok however i cant seem to get the modem to work or be recognized by the system there may be somethig ive missed but since i dont know that much about redhat and that the layout is different ive hit a deadend so if any1 has got any advice that would be appreciated other than that im going to scour the internet for info once again guys thanx for your input

  Kitz E Kat 20:30 29 Jul 2003

Eh.. that can be a problem with Linux, neither was i able to get it to recognize my trust modem, there aint no driver availabe for it as far as i could make out, and that is that.Check the site for your Distro and see if its on the list, if it is Bingo if it aint , forget it...
And that's where Linux is at.
I installed on my lapper and it's there to stay cos it did find the moden and works perfect,otherwise it would be gone the way of the DODO.
You could get a new moden, that is compatible with Linux.
Like i say that's the way it is...
Kitz E Kat

  NEOSPHEAR 20:37 29 Jul 2003

what do you mean by distro? drivers?

  dth 20:48 29 Jul 2003

Most standard P/C modems will not work with Linux. They are really cut down (software) modems and depend on Windows to do part of the work for them.

You need to find either a Linux approved modem (you can usually get one at most outlets for £15-£20) or use an external modem.

  zanwalk 20:55 29 Jul 2003

Distro = distribution of Linux, i.e. Red Hat, Mandrake, SuSE, etc.

Drivers = The programs that your operating system needs to be able to communicate with your hardware, modem, USB, etc.

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