Uninstalling Limewire

  provider 2 16:21 03 Mar 2007

There seems to be a lot of conflicting advice about uninstalling Limewire when it is not listed in Add/Remove or All Programs.
Is there a most effective way to do it without having to go into the registry?

  birdface 16:24 03 Mar 2007

See if it is in C Cleaner,And delete it from there.

  provider 2 16:25 03 Mar 2007

Can`t see it in C Cleaner either,buteman.

  provider 2 16:31 03 Mar 2007

There are 21 files referring to it in documents and settings but none of them mentions uninstall.

  lindyloo4 16:51 03 Mar 2007

Try Start-Programs-Limewire-uninstall. That's where I can see the option to uninstall.
Hope it helps.

  lindyloo4 16:53 03 Mar 2007

Meant to say Limewire also appears in my CCleaner too.

  provider 2 16:56 03 Mar 2007

Not there, lindyloo4. It doesn`t seem to be anywhere readily accessible which is why I`m not at all sure of how to remove it. I don`t think just deleting the files is the way to remove it properly.

  lindyloo4 17:08 03 Mar 2007

Sorry Provider2, I'm now at a loss. I don't like to say it Limewire also appears in my Add/Remove programs too. Salt into the wound sorry.

  provider 2 17:13 03 Mar 2007

Not at all. Fact is it could be my son has deliberately hidden access to it when he knew I was less than delighted with this file-sharing milarky on my pc. Now that he has his own, I want to get rid of it completely.

  birdface 17:56 03 Mar 2007

Might find something here.click here but no easy method.

  Kate B 20:02 03 Mar 2007

provider2, I suggest you set up a limited user account for him ASAP. If you're going to upgrade to Vista, it's got excellent parental controls - you can control where he goes on the internet, what applications he can use and what hours he can use the machine. And of course stop him installing or downloading anything.

If he's downloading stuff, you must - if you don't already - really keep on top of regular scans with all the anticrapware. Files via Limewire are a guaranteed way to get virus, trojans and other unwelcome junk on your PC.

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